When Carol giggled up a storm about me not being able to pass between two cars.
- And I wasn't even that phat then!

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It boggles the mind, literally how fat, unfit, lazy and “in denial” people are these days – despite more and more fitness options being available, literally speaking, the reverse is happenin results wise – except those on the 0 Excuses “back to basics” train of course.

Part of that means fitness is a lifestyle.

You do a chin up or pull-ups or dead hang every time you leave the house – and enter. I do. This time I did a pull-up to the pelmet above the doorway, which is my version (at home) of a sternum pull-ups I’ve shown you in the past.

It means doing the splits when you feel like doing nothing, or holding the plank or doing “just 10 pushups” and see where it goes from ther.e

People are lazy and fat, and they’d rather slop down on the couch though (and a lot of women fall into this category too – UGH!).

Anyway —

I remember back in the day Carol and I were climbing the hill – this was towards the start of that most definitely steamiest relationship I’ve ever had (and thats saying something – MY!!!!!!!!!) – and two cars were parked around the entrance to the park.

Little space between them.

She passed through, I remember stopping for a minute “I wonder if I can pass through them”.

Giggle, and then giggles galore of course.

That became a standing joke, today, I noticed a fat woman – two, actually, watch me squeeze in behind a SUV in space you’d think even a mouse couldn’t, except I went in easily.

Get this tho, pally, and the real point of me writing this, most people yours truly calls out for being fat and lazy – well, at the time I was SLIM compared them literally, despite a bulging BELLY and fat hanging off me. Quite literally slim! (which shows you how pathetic most people have gotten this i.e. their physical condition and lack of care to it).

My troubles these days are more with doorways. Just why the heck dont they make ’em broader?

My friend, lots of you reading this will whine about being “big” but not fat – but you’re wrong, if your tummy bulgeth, and if it does  and you can’t see it you need mental help – then you’re FAT, not big.

And if you claim “you don’t want the X taper to your body, the corrugated core”, the movie star look, the TV personality look, I could go n and on and on – and I just did, hehe- then you’re flat out lying my friend. (I switched links up there in case you noticed. Hehe)

Trust me, when you get on the exercises in Corrugated Core, and a few months later you see how far you’ve come, you’ll start to think differently.

And I know, and why?

Been there, done that, and I still proudly display the T shirt!

And thats that, folks.

FACE Reality.

And get on the best damn fitness system out there NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – List has been culled yet again to remove some particularly pernicious non doers, who just weren’t leaving. Ugh. I feel MUCH better now.

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