An idiot wrote back on Grizzly Power
- A complete fool and joker.

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Powell, he was – or is, depending upon (his email nick seems to change frequently) from … I dont know where, really, the only feedback this dimwit sent in on Grizzly Power, which he recently purchased?

“This author repeats material in his books”.

Ive never understood, my friend, despite trying this grouse- one of many these nitwits and nimrods have  – just why I shouldn’t “repeat material” in what is clearly marketed as a compilation of books and IS one – more importntly, how I’d make a compilation without repeating anything?

I’ve never quite understood the logic behind buying it and then complaining (it’s one thing if its marketed as something else and you fall for it) – if you knew it was a compilation then buy it if you want a compilation, or if you dont have the books in the series.

Nursery grade logic, maybe second no more no Powell?

Really, some of the idiots that show up around here …

Second and as stated before I’ve never had this fascination that most people do with reinventing the wheel “everything must be new and unique”.

I’ve been a trailblazer on paths rarely thought about, much less blazed with PASSION AND FEROCITY like none other “tiger like”. I’ve been very successful at it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Yet, part of my success comes from knowing when and how to reinvent, and when not.

And the majority of times I dont reinvent the wheel.

I simply turn that wheel 10 x times better than ANYONE out there – por ejempelo, on pushups, and Pushup Central – and Pushups Central – the TIPS! 

And all my books around here, really.

End of the day, business is about the money rolling into your account, no-one’s giving you brownie points for being an idiot my friend (ie reinventing when it’s not required).

I didn’t invent any of the exercises I teach you in my books and courses, yet, fact is this, and it’s simple as that, clear as daylight- NO-ONE teaches you these exercises better than I do, no-one.

I realize that might sound like a tall claim.

A confident one.

And it is both, and it’s TRUE, hence I’m called the Bodyweight Exercise Guru, my friend, because it’s true.

And thats that – please, if you want to be an idiot, stop haunting this here place (I know you won’t, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – That compilation is one of the best ever – get it now if you so choose.

PS #2 – David Quiros writes in with a question about Fitness Pioneer – Vol #1 (so apt I’m bringing it up here in terms of trailblazing!)

Long email, but this is the relevant portion –

I also have to ask – Tip #47 or #48 talked about a superfood to prevent bloating, but didn’t tell the reader what the food was – any secrets you can share


Of course I can, my friend! I didnt put in there purposely to see how many doers actually get back to me (for instance, Panourgias got back to me about the DEEP BREATHING section on the 0 Excuses Fitness System VIDEOS which is NOT there (the same way) in the book- which shows he’s paying attention – doer!) and thats the sort of customer I want, not someone who idly reads the book, never uses the info in it. If you’re that sort, I dont want your money regardles of how much you have. (and are willing to cough up).

Yours truly –

I will have a look – but I believe APPLES are the superfood I was referring to my friend. There is good wisdom behind the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” – and having an apple 15 minutes before a meal REALLY helps with digestion (as does not gulping down a ton of water before or during food – which most people do – the correct time to drink water is an hour before eating, and two hours or at least an hour after – not set in stone, but approximate – you get my drift). Other than this, let me look at the tip now, lol – youve got me curious as well …  (and yes, ask all the questions you like my friend, I love ’em!)
… Presto, would you believe it? It’s not an apple obviously since I wrote not a fruit, I bet it’s something the wife once used, of course she’s forgotten it “bad mood” (enough said? LOL) – and stupendous though it might sound, so have I my friend – but no worries, I’ve instructed the subconscious mind to find it – and find it I will, and I’ll get back to you as soon as you do! I know it’s something somewhat – AH! I got it – it is BUTTER MILK!
Buttermilk I believe is what it was – known as “lassi” in India – have that with meals, and you say goodbye to a lot of the digestive issues people suffer from! Hehe – the power of the subconscious eh. I’m writing in the flow again as you can likely tell! Curd is another great alternative …

And thats that! ???? There you have it, as it were… Enjoy, three freebies for YOU!

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