Noone wants to – or is happy with being fat.
- And if they're saying otherwise they're LIARS of the highest and grandest order.

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Tis a fact, Jack.

And if they’re saying otherwise they’re LIARS of the highest and grandest order.

Lots of fat people find all sorts of excuses to justify being in poor shape – to themselves, at least.

They’ll argue like idiots on why you dont necessarily have to do pull-ups chin over bar (newsflash, I’m sorry, but you do – there is a reason it’s been done that way for ages) – or “I’m big, not fat” (sorry, if you were truly “big” and not fat we wouldn’t be having this discussion) – or finding all sorts of asinine excuses otherwise “my girlfriend can beat me in hill sprints because I’m “bigger” (note he never said fatter which he is)”.

Or, the wife claiming “its OK for a lazy fat woman to be lazy and not even stoop down while cleaning to pick up stray hairs etc” (and pay that woman at the same time, while on the other hand fire other women who aren’t half as lazy and do a stellar job all because they flirt with yours truly. Ah, but I digress!) … and why ?

“Because she’s popped out four kids!”

Quite literally, that was my wife’s “one size solves all” argument to “ending the debate about whether or not the maid she hired was FAT” (she’s a Heffa, and unapologetically so, and no wonder – she gets paid for doing pretty much F all).

Truly the most egregiously dumb excuse I’ve heard from a woman scorned, albeit unwittingly… (and in terms of justifying being fat and out of shape too).

Dont ask me. No logic here.

But the point is this … end of the day, these folks are lying, if just to themselves.

The other day I was talking to my landlady’s son who had called for something, he was asking me “how I spent my time these days while I’m getting back to my normal routine”.

And I responded, well, not much else to do for now other than work and stay in shape.

He asked if I play sports etc, and I told him no.

“I work out”, I replied. “The one thing I do NOT want is to get fat!”

He isn’t in the best of shape himself, but he agreed very vociferously.

“Oh yes, you dont want that, so many problems ” … he trailed off.

Fact, my friend.

And NO-ONE wants that.

And folks that try and justify their being out of shape are flakes, liars at best, and to be AVOIDED at all costs unless you want to attract more of the same into your life.

Look, my friend, there’s a whole litany of health problems that you (if you’re fat) are suffering from, most of which you probably dont even know about – and reducing that flab will resolve a lot of it.

Can YOU look me in the eye and really tell me you dont want a corrugated core?

Or, the ability to do pull-ups willy nilly?

If you’re saying yes, you’re flat out lying my friend, or you’re content with “loser” (physically) status.

Personally I dont see how anyone could be, and I doubt anyone is.

Especially with all the associated health problems, the hugely longer recovery times from injury, looking terrible, not being able to do what your body was meant to do, getting injured every single day damn near, and most of all just the knowlege that you’re “slovenly” … I dont get it.


Thats a random rant to you on this list.

Only you can answer the question – honestly or not, you choose.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System will be there for you if you choose an honest answer.


Rahul Mookerjee

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