Duty vs “want” …

Growing up in the sort of household I did, I remember one particular instance when yours truly was bursting fireworks (is that even the right way to say it. Hehe “setting off”) … and the “atom bomb” as those tiny “bombs” which made a hell of a racket were called.

and, left a ton of paper behind too. I still remember the roads being literally CAKED with paper after Diwali, festival of lights in India (when I was there) …

Anyway, I was instructed on how to explode these “safely”.

I followed the instructions, but one fine night, a shard from the “bomb” hit me in the forehead, right above my left eye.


I still remember my mother “screaming”  when she saw the blood pouring out of the wound – if I so much as tilted my head, it would pour like a running faucet.

I had to get it stitched up and that.

Later on I contracted dengue fever a few years later.

I still remember people wondering “how the guy survived it” (back in those days the mortality rate was quite high for it, and I was pretty damn sick).

I still remember my hands being full of injection marks and such from all the blood transfusions etc, I still remember being in a complete daze most of the time, not knowing what was going on, then finally one fine day “something perked up” – I felt better, and from there on my recovery was what you could only term as miraculous.

Now, I dont say this to point towards the powers of the subconscious yet again. That is a different story, but when my Dad and me (who obviously dont get along as y’all on the list know) once spoke about something else he wasn’t happy with, he went on about “I got you treated because it’s my duty”.

If you get the other side of your head caved in, I’ll get you treated again, but because it’s my duty.

Note the word “duty”.

No “want”.

Now, thats the sort of household I grew up in – “feelings” arent exactly omnipresent in Nazi feminist households…

But exercise wise, there are some parallels.

It’s YOUR duty, my friend, to take care of your body and exercise it daily.

Its YOUR duty to stay in good shape – and we all know what that entails – and the “benchmarks” for the same.

Yet, at the same time, to truly excel at something you have to “want it” from the inside my friend.

If you dont truly WANT to do pull-ups, chances are you’ll never get to “stud” level at them. Thats  just one example – it has to be a burning DESIRE deep within, you have to WANT TO DO IT, get good at it, yet, same time – some days, you might wake up feeling “blah”.

You put yourself in a positive frame of mind etc, but some days are just crap.

And, you might not “want” to put in the work on those days.

Yet, you’re duty bound to my friend …

Thats how fitness works.

Thats how real life works.

You show up daily – and you keep the WANT feeling / factor going.

And thats really all there is to it …

If you truly want to get in the best damn shape of your life starting NOW – well, the 0 Excuses Fitness System leaves you with NO excuses not to do so…

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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