If you truly want to be able to do pull-ups…
- And most do.

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Lets cut past the bullshit, my friend.

MOST people – regardless of their fitness goals – want the ability to do pull-ups – right – smoothly – cranking them out rep after rep, chin ABOVE bar, none of the nonsense of “my body type is different so I do this differently” (translation – if you’re not doing pull-ups with chin over bar for reps, you dont have enough or any functional strength – and you’re most likely fat and out of shape – especially around the midsection).

If I asked you a question right now, yes or no – the above question – I think I know what the HONEST “from the heart” answer would be.

And so, for those of you that really want to do pull-ups right, let me cut past the bullshit again as I always do, and give it to you straight, in condensed format.

First, think about anything you truly want – or wait.

You dont need me to tell you to think about it obsessively, do you?

I didnt think so.

That alone is a huge, huge part of it.

There is a reason the section on Visualization is included in Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks! – and no, the hocus pocus most folks associate with visualization doesnt work.

I’ve given it to you straight in the book, and do so here too (be on the outlook for a great review in that regard coming your way soon).

Second, you reduce your WEIGHT – which for most means body FAT.

It’ll show around the midsection, my friend.

If you’re fat, I dont care how much you can bench or pull otherwise, you wont be able to do pull-ups and even pushups right.

Especially pull-ups, there are few other exercises that call out body fat and not being in shape as brutally as the mighty pull-up does – there are others, but the pull-up is right up there.

Third, understand your body was meant to work as a whole.

Unless you’re the sort that shakes hands using your four fingers alone and not the thumb … well, I think you get my drift. Forget about isolating lats and all that crap. Grip the damn bar, and grip it HARD!

Fourth, work LEGS heavily.

There’s more to this than what I’ve written above, my friend, including certain supplementary exercises that work very well in terms of improving your pull-up ability – but the above, if you just follow the above and do what I tell you to in that regard – you’ll be off to a flying start – no puns intended, and certainly none of that “flying pull-up” crap we see all over the internet. Pull-ups are meant to be done in proper form, smoothly, slowly, under control, right breathing, up and down, up and down …

I could go on forever about this.

And have in the book above.

And if you’re already at “5 perfect pull-ups or more” per set, or perhaps 10 – then you’ll want to progress to the next level, and my book Pull-ups -from STUD to SUPER STUD within weeks! is a must grab in that case.

David Goggins would LOVE it.

And thats that, friend.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Was interesting, I was recommending Shantaram to a lady online last night. More on that later!

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