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- If there's one thing I hate more than anything ...

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If there’s one category of people I hate right along with guys like Glyn (confirmed paedophiles, unfortunately, as a customer told me “unfortunately the police in the UK are way too busy fining folks for not wearing masks as opposed to look into real things that matter such as this)  (at least back then they were) … it;s BULLIES.

Growing up, with the Nazi feminist environment at home, despite my Dad timidly telling me “hit them back” – he never once showed me how to (I suspect given the number of times I saw HIM back down even when he was right – he didnt know how to and still does not himself).

Even if he HAD shown me, well, I was in no shape to hit some of the guys back then.

Thats not my fault, of course – for one thing, we didnt have this thing called the Internet back then, even if we did, I dread to think what I might have learned.

Can’t be worse than the “pink dumbells for 15 minutes” or “hang for a second and then collapse (chinning bar)” examples I was set.

The constant chants of “studies matter, nothing else” (which is utter BS, but is the way it is in Asia – though not quite to the extent it was inmy family back when we were growing up)

(It did of course give me one of my best skills ever, what that is, I’ll let YOU figure it out – tho truth be told, I’d probably have picked up on that anyway if I really wanted to, much like I became the fitness phenom I am today from exactly OPPOSITE and humbler beginnings persisting through till WAY later in “muh” life).

How things have reversed – hehe. Most of those guys are phat phocks now, and I could take ’em with one hand behind my back literally.

But that isn’t the point.

The point is how scared I used to be of bullies, how they humiliate and use intimidation – mental – as a tactic.

Some of these people were bullied growing up, others are just nasty mean people growing up, but like my buddy from the Marines, there’s nothing I want to do more with a bully than SMACK ’em – and hard.

I was thinking back to one particular case when I was young where I was so angry the “tears flowed” – they were more mixed in with frustration and “the volcano erupteth” – which other boys my age later confided in me “I’m the same! Often times when I get really angry, I cry!”

Those days are long gone – these days when I get really angry, or close to it, I either yell my lungs out – or a I punch a wall down. Hehe.

Not figuratively the latter, though  I did once punch a hole in my bedstand…

The point I’m trying to make though is this – with bullies, and any real problem in life, you have to have confidence that shows from the inside out.

You can train all you like, but until and unless you train boxing specifically, you wont have the confidence to face down a boxer in the ring, and it will show.

Same thing with bullying – if you ain’t in shape, and they are – they will FEEL it.

I’ve had this happen to me so many times my life that I’m surprised I did not mention it before, but sitting here, truly reliving some of those experiences “then and now” – and seeing just how far I’ve gotten – it boggles the mind.

And to be frank, to be very honest, the HILL – and heavy duty leg training – and Ann Lee- started it all.

She is mentioned repeatedly on the Advanced Hill Training page, and with good reason – like in my books, I always give credit where it’s due.

None of the hang ups and BS people have about losing sales or anything. There is plenty for all.

But back to it – the VIBE is even more important in these situations.

Ditto for life itself.

When life throws tougher curveballs at you, like Big Matt the Bat famously once said to Graeme Smith “what the **** you gonna do when shane Warne bowls outside”… how you REACT – is what matters.

How you feel often determines the final reaction, or lack thereof.

Not all situations require reacting.

But like the situation on the Kiddie Fitness page, bullies – regardless of how sad their own situation might be – deserve to be WHACKED and harder than they whack YOU.

MUCH harder.

I’m glad I can impart these lessons to my daughter and my email list – way too many of, yours truly included did NOT have these lessons drilled into them from a young age – which is sad, but ’tis how the cookie crumbles sometimes, and in my case I’m glad I went through all I did – I would not be half the man I am today without going through all that.

OK, thats it for now. The ONE exercise that humbles most men isn’t so much what I mentioned in the last email – ok, it’s that too – but the one YOU know, and want to do – well, we all know it …

The almighty pull-up, slow up and down, full extension, perfect form, chin over bar …

Those muscles of the back standing out in stark relief, that X shape, that lean mean corrugated core, that …

’nuff said?

I think so.

Learn how to do ’em right via THIS book – currently being translated into Portugese as we speak, as was Squat 101 – the TIPS.

And thats that .


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Truly a rainbow pimp is Habib as TEMB kept saying. Hehe.

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