Potentially gay dude walks up to Rahul Mookerjee and …
- And ...

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Nah, he didnt grab my butt. No-one would dare to do that – or kick it. Hehe.

I do remember an asshole looking through the toilet doors on the 5th floor of the library once when I was taking a massive dump in college. TMI I know, but these freaks. Ugh. Reminds me of Stallone’s character staring holes through a “bad guy” (Eric Roberts) in “The Specialist” and he walks out, leaving his dame in the car and pulls a knife saying “then dont look so hard – someone may put something in your eye” (I wont bore you with the usual Holly wood prologue of “do we know each other, the way you’re looking at me we must be old friends”, etc etc)

Anyway …

I’ve always railed against these classifications of outright “gay” or “straight” or “lesbian” – or what have you.

I dont care WHO you are – you’re shades of grey inside. I know – personally – super fit football players that like to dress up as women in the bedroom, and hey, if thats your thang go for it – I draw the line though at FORCING – OTHERS – pay attention to the words in bold – to toe YOUR line because it’s the only way or the highway and shoving it down kids throats etc (who obviously arent the right age for it).

’nuff said, I know this will piss many people off, but it’s true. The most so called outwardly alpha male of men that even “say” we’re alpha (I’ve always said if you need to puff your chest up and say “I’m an alpha male!” – then you’re likely not, and FACTS hidden deep down inside when I’ve spoken to these people have proved me right) are not as alpha as you might think, ditto for “betas” etc.

I’m always told “I’m an alpha male, stud ” etc.

I NEVER refer to myself in that vein though except in jocular manner …

Anyway, point of this – a long time ago, I remember discussing size with my buddy from the Marines (get your mind out of the gutter if it is) – and how he was guys my size outdid him in pushups during practice.

One guy “my size” did 150 “boxer” pushups without getting off his arms (though he did pause for rest in the downward dog position).

Thats stud level.

And he kept telling me one thing repeatedly when I kept pointing out his size (he’s about 3x as thick as I, and a mountain of pure streaming muscle except for a layer of fat he had at that point by his own admission around the midsection).

“You look like you workout!”

“You’re not by any means a small specimen!”

“I’d be wasting my time hitting there!” (my core).

And so forth.

Today, as a guy walked out of me out of the blue, I thought nothing of it – I thought he wanted help with directions or something.

Instead he asked if I want a body massage.

I asked if nubile young women would do it. Honestly, I did!

He said no, he would.

I said I didnt want it.

He said “Sir, I’m a trained therapist!’

Well, running around in dirty flip flops, ankles visible, pants pulled up, he looked like a laborer out to con someone …

Nothing against the flip flops, but certain situations, certain things are a give away.

This guy was nothing of the nature you’d expect from outwardly gay folks, normal attire, normal behavior, not rude, even said Thank you to me later (actually “sorry” – I dont know why he said that) …

Clean him up a bit, your average Joe.

But I could tell.

And I laughed.

No way, Jose.

But point I’m trying to make here is this – folks can tell when you work out.

And especially when you have that lean mean corrugated CORE – it just shows even if you dont actively tom tom it.

Last night, after a splendid meal of sphagetti done in a – of all things – wonky old microwave sitting around for CENTURIES – and this afternoon, after hearing the daughter loved it too – damn.

I feel great.

That DURUM wheat is highly recommended.

Fills you up, high protein etc – folks think meat is the only way to go for protein.

Not true.

It’s the tastiest sometimes, yes. Hehe. I love it.

But there’s eggs, lentils, so many other things you can take.


Ending this on this note – the MOST important part of your body to train – and conversely, the first part that will show if you’re not in condition.

Your CORE.

You better start working on that corrugated core NOW nikka.

Here’s the course that you need to get in that regard – Corrugated Core. 

Dont get it if you’re looking to look good for the beach. Get it if you’re interested in a truly ruggedly strong brutally CAPABLE – CORE!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Although I’m exclusively a “female” lover when it comes to getting massaged – there are some “blind” doctors in China (male) that have done WONDERFUL “blind massages” (they aren’t fully blind) on me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Still remember the old lady asking me “ugh. why choose a guy”

Hehe. I dont blame her on that one!

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