The similiarities between THAT company and …
- Life's a trip, eh.

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At THAT job, the setup was very interesting – and similar to what my Dad had at “his” company.

Three senior people, yours truly included, yet, most decisions of importance were taken by the big boss.

Dad’s company, although he told us (sister and I) for all his life that he was “the boss” – and indeed, thats been a huge bone of contention between the wife and me till this date – she claims I “lied to her” by saying that but I didnt – I simply told her exactly what I myself knew at that point, it wasn’t until I was over 28 that I was told my Dad wasn’t the big boss! (like he always made it out to be).

If I truly wanted to “cheat” her as she claims (wtf – why would I want to do that on such an issue anyway?), there were plenty of other tall tales other than the TRUTH, honest and unvarnished as I knew it at the time and as I said it …

Dont ask me why, more of my Mom’s reticence in these matters I guess. I find it uber strange, but hey …

Anyway, lots of similarities, but no-one counted on the X factor Rahul Mookerjee – hehe.

ALL bets are out the window with me, and most likely my little girl “chip off the old block” too (though they’re doing their best to mould her, it aint working by a country mile and then some).

Anyway …

I gotta say this, I’m well and truly THE BOSS at both companies I run ..

I do work with several folks, but I have NO employees, and I do not plan on any – I work WITH people, and make it a point to tell them they work WITH me, not FOR me.

There is a difference, a huge difference, kinda like being in a long term committed relationship and a married one – you might claim they’re essentially the same, but they’re not, although it might seem so in many ways.

Organizations only really work best when everyone is invested equally or to a degree in their GROWTH.

Not sitting around for a salary or what not (paycheck).

And I make that very clear to everyone I work WITH.

Partners, as I like to use the term, so it should be.


Life’s dead without the ability to SELL, my friend.

And you dont just sell as the CEO of a company.

You sell yourself, whether successfully or not in every interaction you have with people … whether you know it or not, human beings, despite the “common aversion to sales and it being a bad thing” (which is the most ridiculous concept ever, one my father espouses too – I mean just what the heck is bad about or “easy about” successful sales? Not a damn thing!) …. sell daily, all the time, on auto pilot even – something or the other.

And to learn how to sell successfully at the highest levels in ANY economy – the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales is a must grab.

Wait, I hear you say. Whats up – I’m not  a biz person!

Well, this course will help you sell ANYTHING my friend – including yourself in any situation you so choose if you apply the LESSONS learned (more than 20 I’d say for the price of a so called 10) …

Get it NOW if you’re truly interested in advancing in YOUR life – in ANY sphere or situation.


Rahul Mookerjee

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