Sad that it had to end this way – and did – and was destined to.
- Some things must, tho ...

Rahul Mookerjee is very well known for keeping his cards close to his chest, goals private and MUM until they’re accomplished, and so forth.

I sure am well known for predicting the future too though, and ONE of my goals, which was mentioned in one of my emails prior to this – well, it was ending the stamp of formality on a long dead relationship ; no prizes for guessing which.

Since I’m apparently such a good catch, the wife wouldn’t give me a divorce no matter what – in any case.

Now though, although it aint happened as yet I feel it – finally. It’s a “foregone conclusion” in my mind at this point, like any other goal I have to or have accomplished. The subconscious has already put the plans in motion, I can feel it.

To me, I’ve always maintained my whole life and counseled people on this – a married “tag” adds undue, often unspoken responsiblities on each partner involved, and many a fantastic relationships ends when you sign on that dotted line.

I was very clear when I wanted to move in with my current wife that we’d be LIVING together – FIRST.

She steadfastly denied this, and said it’s either marriage or nothing.

Some of you might think “she’s a good girl for doing that”.


But it’s also inexperience and no knowledge of how things work in the real world speaking – now to me at the time, I thought, and accepted “on the fly” as I always did. I was pretty sure “if it didnt work out, well, nothing lost” – as with all my past relationships.

Little did I know.


Anyway, traditions, honor killings (yes, I faced that threat too) and such aside – its sad – especially considering the lengths two people went to “to get hitched”.

A court case that made history – the front page of the Times of India, is still on page #2 of Google despite it having happened in 2008/09, still fresh in folks memory because it was so unique I could likely have pitched (and did) the idea to Bollywood producers – Uncle Bob suggested that too. Hehe.

And after all that, it had to end this way.

As it often does, for the “man of extremes”.


Most successful folks are divorced not once, but multiple times. It ain’t a requirement for sure, but it is what it is – and most in those cases happened when the man refused to follow the dictates of what he “should do”, and went his own way – the MGTOW way in many ways …

So long as I worked a cushy little job, all was well with family – and the wife. Hehe.

The minute I did not, all hell broke loose.

And if youre a real doer, someone who stands on his OWN steam, this bit will sound very familiar.

Some relationships pass that acid test.

The vast majority do NOT.

And it’s all for the better.

Yet, in hindsight, it’s sad.

I’m not sad though – and neither do I want any other “romantic entanglements” to detach me from my purpose. Carol was the last serious one, and given her ridiculous questions that I detailed earlier on – well, same thing.

Hey, it is what it is – not for now on this one. Hehe.

Anyway – I write from a place of deep knowledge on how to combat Nazi feminism.

I also write from deep well springs of real life wisdom, experience and knowledge in Zero to Hero, and Gumption Galore!

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And for personalized one on one coaching, you know where to GO, my friend.

Thats that.

So long, friend.

It was great while it lasted…


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’ll be back to edit this one in the future when it actualizes. Post # … ? I dont know, we’ll see.

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