Does the ideal ideal even exist?
- Nope.

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Most of you have seen the roasted veggies I’ve been eating as of the past few days, and man, with HOT BUTTER – its nigh delicious!

And of course, garlic, herbs, salt, lots of black pepper and such.

The only thing missing as I said in the video? Some great chicken breasts – BAKED – and perhaps at some point BAKED sphagetti casserole –  but hey, we’ll get to that too!

For YOU though, and the reactions I’ve been getting, book reviews etc – Dish Delicious is an absolute MUST GraB – those spicy dips for one – which no, there’s very little “western” in them if at all. Some of the recipes have ’em, but mostly no

In the past I was waiting for the wife to give me fodder for Vol #2 of the book, I might just do it myself. We’ll see, but it’s an idea that has been floating around in my mind – not just Vol #2 for ages, and I wont let the cat out of the bag – yet, but it’s probably transmuted to more than a few DOERS already. Hehe.

I’ll keep y’all posted on that one.

The ideal dinner tonight, as it usually is. Dont take much to satisfy me – anyway ….

This isn’t about food.

It’s about this – lots of folk bitch about “ideal”.

Is the guy you’re learning from the ideal guy.

Ideal environment?

Ideal setting ?

Ideal product ?

And so forth.

All questions everyone thinks about.

Yet, my friend, the truth is this, life as Ive said so often is shades of grey.

Nothing is entirely ever if at all, ideal.

Thats one reason I keep calling out nutters who complain about the odd tai-po etc in my books and such …

They wouldn’t be the great products they are if I removed the X factor, by that I do not mean typos – no – but the X factor (though they’d still be GOOD products content wise).

Lets see, even in an ideal situation, the human mind finds ways to complain.

Or, if youre a doer, to IMPROVE.

Fitness wise, is Rahul Mookerjee the ideal guy to teach YOU?

Well, it depends.

For the mamsy pamsy politically correct “easily offended” sort – hell no, the whiners, pissers, moaners, groaners, blue light special guys, and such – hell the hell no!

What a BEAUTI of a term Barbie. Hehe.

If you’re a doer, if you’re not offended or turned off by hard hitting advice that just flat out works without consideration for idiotic “feelings” (indeed, I make sure my advice not just hits home, but HURTS when it needs to – else it wouldn’t have any real impact!) … if you’re looking for someone that has been through it all, through the trenches, continues to do so on multiple continents, someone who LIVES what he says – daily – in all regards – someone who is as real as real can ever get – who ain’t afraid to call a spade a spade regardless of “potential loss of biz’ and such – well, I’m your man.

In that case, and many other cases.

And thats who my coaching services are for too.

And that, my friend is that.

Nothing is ideal.

But you can make it as CLOSE to ideal as possible, your fitness levels included.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Lots of you need to stop whining about “hard times” and understand this truism – where there is a will, there is truly ALWAYS a way. Trust me on this one.

Oh, and the Ship page gives you a very comprehensive list of those I am NOT the ideal person for in ANY regard, period.

PS #2 – Dangit, I KNEW There was something I forgot!

It is this, I mentally posed this question to myself – am I the perfect father (while chatting to the lovely daughter)

For her, she’s always maintained she’d rather have the “interesting me” than most shirt pant clad “office going” Dads and such … But I was asking this from a “is it ideal for her” standpoint if you get my drift (in my mind).

The answer is the same.

No – at least not if you consider “typical” which involves a lot of nonsense like “Stability”, not moving around, considering formal schooling more important than the school of hard knocks and such, and so forth.

But I’m far more ideal than the nutjobs perfect on the outside, the opposite otherwise. Not even gonna get into the tale of the uppity church preachers (you know the ones I’m referring to).

And so forth.

Anyway, Kiddie Fitness is as close to ideal as it gets to get your kids FIT – quick – NOW.

Grab it NOW if you’re so inclined…

DO read the reviews from “Mommies” first…

And, I’m very proudly not the ideal typical husband, and I have no plans to ever be. Much like my not so ideal wife has NO plans to ever grant me that divorce despite throwing the world at her. Hey, I must certainly be a great catch!

Someday, my friend. Someday. Hehe. “Catch as catch can” on that one. *grin*

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