My thoughts on AUDIO – and VIDEO books! Video, actually…
- Man, ideas do transmute!

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I said it yesterday HERE.

I’ve said it several times before.

When you have doers aligned with the same purpose, ideas just flow and transmute.

Napoleon Hill spoke about two things in Think And Grow Rich, one, the importance of having a “mastermind” – or a group of people devoted to one goal, and one alone.

It’s far better to work TOGETHER towards a goal than a solitary wolf. Two minds are better than one, but only when aligned perfectly, of course.

Even the slightest misalignment = disaster, so choose carefully.

Anyway – he also spoke about the imaginary “council” he had in his mind – that he created, and that became so real that he met with them for an hour every night before going to bed.

These were characters he created, and vividly SAW in his mind – they were Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Burbank, and other achievers of his era.

It’s something Ive always done subconsiously.

“What would Jeff Bezos do”?

Or, something like that …

I’ve often had these councils in my mind myself.

And ideas just transmute – now YESTERDAY, I mentioned “one guy who I gave full credit to for certain exercises in my books and writings” – though he did not create those workouts (or exercises) – and neither did I – HE brought them to world “en masse” – therefore, much like I attach my own name to some of the exercises I can pretty much do and therefore teach globally better than most, HE deserves the credit for that part it .

Lots asked why Bush did not get credit for the Osama Bin Laden hit.

It was planned during his admin, yet Obama got the credit.

And so he should.

I ain’t an Obama “snake oil salesman” supporter, never was, but if it happened on his watch, HE gets the credit – or takes the fall. Simple.


Where am I going with all this?

I spoke about yesterday how I’ve done so many things (and mentioned those things) FIRST in the past – and then later I see other guys and folks in my field doing the same damned thing, it’s eerie, really, its like they could be WATCHING me – and secretly reading all I write, and some of them probably do.

And I’ve been thinking of VIDEO books a long damn time.

Now, most of our books are on Audible already – audiobooks, but videobooks, I’ve always thought of it, and man, much like I decided NOT to narrate my own books, the same thing with videobooks.

I even emailed Amazon about it asking if they’d have an option for that down the line – hehe.

But as this “other guy” who I wont mention here – we’ll let our thoughts TRANSMUTE, hehe – does a version of videobooks for his own list etc – I almost did one with the 10 Commandments of Physical Success (Training and everything else) from Fast and Furious Fitness. 

I didnt at the eleventh hour, but it’s a great idea, and I might – except that section is so long it would take me – like an hour to read it maybe? With all the observations and stuff.

But it would be a great listen, I’ll tell you that, but audiobooks have that already – haha.

So, thats something I did not do for now.

But, it’s an idea for the future, and one I’ve had many times before, and as I see dude DO IT today, well, if there’s enough interest, I might too at some point …

And thats that my friend. Remember, the ORIGINAL – as it was way back in 2010 – edition of Fast and Furious fitness – the Collector’s Edition is still available – but we only got like 8 copies remaining, so hurry NOW if you want the classic – with that old classic “shiny” cover as it were.

I’ve said before I ain’t printing that version again, and I wont. Once it’s gone, its gone, so you better RUSH now if you’re interested.

And thats that! Back soon …


Rahul Mookerjee

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