Sympathy – or SUCCESS?
- HA!

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This email is being written in the midst of a highly aggravating power cut – yet again – that noone around me seems to care two figs about.
It’s amazing how many people will go about their daily lives “log floating on the water”, happy to accept whatever life throws at them without complaint or trying to better the situation. Ugh. Part of the reason I chose to move to… Ah, but anyway.
Lots of times when engaged in snh endeavor, fitness included – when things get tough – dire – real tough – folks do this.
They think of “ending it all”.
“I’m doing all this, noone gives a rats ass, might as quit”.
That thought has passed through every real doers mind at some point my friend. You’d be surprised at how many folks do give a fig – but when results aren’t readily apparent, the bills are piled up, credit card guys in the backyard and so forth, and completely unsupportive families in many cases – it can be tough.
It gets worse!
As Steve Austin said, when he was reduced to eating canned tuna fish and uncooked potatoes to survive while wrestling every night, traveling etc – the tunafish ran out!
That big SOB had to make do with 3 meals a day of one uncooked potato each …
Looking back he says he wouldn’t trade that time for nothing. He was paying his dues!
So it is, friend. It can be hard to see the future when you want it all “now”. Yet, quitting and ending it all – and I don’t mean drastic measures (life for one) although you’d be surprised at how many people ponder those ..
…isn’t the answer.
That might give you and garner a lot of sympathy “oh,poor chap”.
But not success.
You could literally be three feet from gold and not know it. And you never will if you give up.
No man has succeeded without one foot hanging well over the brink of failure, usually multiple times.
Hopeless situations get the mind really working if you’re a winner.
Fitness wise, these lessons apply equally.
I didn’t get to be a hill champ, pull-up expert/stud or any of the other things I have by basking in feel good sympathy. I had to get down to brutal brass tacks daily and just do it – and keep at it for years, and I still have to.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
A great way to get OUT of the funk is simple.
Just do it.
If you’re a writer, write – if you’re a swimmer – go for another swim.
Do something – even if it is something like maybe cooking to get your mind off the current issue.
You’ll see how you suddenly feel better after taking action even though that action might not have produced immediate results in terms of what you’re looking for.
Or, visualize the good times. There’s so many ways to get into a great frame of mind but nothing beats “doing”.
Anyway, I’m taiping this on the bloody phone so I’ll end here.
Zero to hero and Gumption Galore have more such real life advice that you need to hear – which truly WORKS.
Get after it. .
Rahul Mookerjee


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