Pride or Prejudice?
- Memories. Some very embarassing, hehe. All in good stride.

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I watched part of that movie in 2005 while waiting for a visa renewal in HK, pretty much a deserted theater..
The movie was shit, to me at least. The only thing I was thinking about were the cute Filipinas outside the theater….
Anyway, one of the most (in hindsight) mortifying and embarrassing things happened then. Which in retrospect turned out well, but …
I had to take a dump. Went to the bathroom, seemed oddly spacious i remember, but deserted like the rest of the theater.
There was something “off”, I  kept remembering but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what. .
As I finished my business, I heard it. And it struck me.
Female voices….
Man, I was using the women’s restroom! Maybe it was the Chinese or whatever characters, but I thought that was the mens room!
Dang,  i remember thinking – and then scooted our furtively once the ladies left (once I heard them leave).
Honest to god mistake, and I’m sure the HK populace would have understood, but still, hot damn.
Kinda like my dad driving a mile down the wrong side of the highway – an interstate – and suddenly realising it on a trip….that one wouldn’t have ended well if a trooper pulled him over!
Anyway. We all have those embarassing stories we can tell. Falling asleep on the toilet being one.
I’m not too proud or stupid to admit “I’m one of you” in that regard . We all are. My life has been an open book, but the rallying cry from my wife and mother most of my life – when I did my own thing – the money wasn’t there -etc?
“We will cut you down to size, and that bloody pride of yourself”!
In Hindi.
“Ato akhad utarungi tumhari!”
Heres the thing.
I have always been proud of myself, my various accomplishments – I’ve always walked head held up HIGH no matter what.
Money in the bank or not hasn’t mattered. I still don’t care much about it now, maybe that’s another reason it flows to me anyway!
But it took a lot of doing, I’ll tell ya that.
Their basic gripe was, he won’t work for another person, he insists on doing his thing from home – for some reason these morons think “men can’t work from home”.
And have some silly notions about “that guy noticed everything” – when women are actually the ones responsible for most of the cattiness. Hell, till this date,.even my landlady freely says “he sits in his own room and doesn’t give much of a shit about anything”.
So it seems.
Point of this?
Be humble yes and be real -at the same time, always have pride in yourself, your life, your work, what you’ve done and so forth.
Because end of the day if you’re not proud of what you’re doing I daresay it ain’t worth doing (for you).
Never let idiots who can’t see beyond today tear you down for BS reasons. They’re usually the same people who will come beggin to you once you do get to whatever goal you’re desiring.
Time to say bye .
Dumb phone taiping.
Back soon .
Rahul Mookerjee
PS – For real life advice that flat out works, you know where to GO. Remember them great videos too.


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