You aint lived till you drank HONEY out of a bottle – hehe.

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And I mean raw honey.

I was going to tell the daughter that, but she hates all healthy food -despite the sweet tooth for all the crap.

I told her anyway – but she wasn’t having none of it. Hehe.

That tiny bottle of honey you saw the other day is gone.

I love honey – REAL maple syrup too, the kind you find in Vermont.

And, obviously Canada.

I was asking her to try some peas I cooked first, and she tried ’em, first reaction – she loved ’em.

I asked her if she wanted more, all the while she was nervously looking towards the bathroom because Mama apparently on the quiet told her “not to help Dad when cooking” (true story – because I once asked her to Google something – what a fruitloop my ex is and remains) …

… and, because she can’t say she likes anythin I cooks or else there’s a huge hullabaloo.

Then they complain and whine about “he does nothing for his daughter”. Cant win for losing, hehe.

Anyway, I told her to be honest, she did tell me it was too spicy … which I Get. My daughter isn’t yet huge on spice.

But the way she’s scared of my ex, man …I hate that shit, but say nothing about it – NOW.

I dont need to, actually, even my mom openly says “shes petrified of her”.

And she is, except Mom forgets to note she’s even more petrified of Granny’s non stop lecturing than Mama’s yellin …

Honey, you ask?

As I drank it out of the bottle and sat there savoring it today, two things came to mind …

One, my buddy Vincent telling me (not the same Vincent – not the Marine) about how “Ive done that MANY a times myself” when I told him about how I was too drunk to either cook or order out last night, and passed out.

He had passed out of colleg though I believe by the time I once ordered pizza, I was drunk as a skunk and fast fuckin asleep by the time the damn thing arrived, guy rang the bell, I got several messages on the phone (answering machine – mine used to say “you need me, I need you, so spit it out” – no kidding even) , and long story short, they did all they could to get in touch with me, couldn’t, refunded the next day. Hehe.

I’m not EVEN gonna get into the tale of Vincent and how I once called – though drunkenly 911 on his ass… luckily they did not come. Hehe. And luckily I Wasnt arrested for “prank” calling!

Anyway …

The things we’ve all done. Eh?

Tonight I decided to let me food cook a lot longer than I normally would, wife turned it off.

Now thats good intentioned despite what it might sound like, she didnt want the food to burn although she said “I dont want you blaming me” .

Which is ludicrious, I’m cooking, why would I blame her if I forgot, which she doesnt know I didnt…

Sure, she turned on the damn oven,  but she was using it before that, so I left my ingredients in it, I would have turned it on, but she did it anyway …

Anyway, I then had the honey – I dont want to gorge on cookies again, though I might yet, we’ll see. Probably NOT though. Damn!

And the peas, I’m trying to make a quick roasted snack though it takes forever to make, and I’m almost there. Damn that shit tasted good tonight.

Anyway ….

You aint lived till you drank honey out of a bottle, during my lean days, I’ve done everything I needed to survive with one immediate goal in mind – hang in there, better days are there.

And they always were.

Most people aint got that gumption.

They give up long before…

Gumption Galore! is meant for a very select bunch of doers truly interested in improving their life. Though this list contains doers, and after all the culling I do, and will continue to very fuckin ruthlessly – doers only, even all of you reading this wont and have not, and some still will not buy the product and thats fine. Not everyone is interested in reaching rarefied levels of success, and most people including those on the list who never get the “life” products thinking “I know it all already” (no you dont pal) (you dont until you’ve LIVED it) simply wont make it big. 

Again, thats fine. To each his or her own, but to end this email a few other things that came to mind that jive with the general tole – and title of this email…



Imma leave that one be!

Anyway, four more things off the bat

One, people dont like the truth (fat boys reading this that are in complete denial, bozos that claim to do things they haven’t in their wildest dreams, scammer, copy artists and such – and all their ilk- listen up).

They like it even fuckin less when it’s pointed out BRUTALLY via writing and verbally, as a friend once said ‘its not what he says so much as HOW he says it’.

Truth, friend.

And I make SURE, doubly triply sure to make my stuff hits home – hurts when warranted, and bad – because a true doer will recognize it for what it is, a kick up the ass for him or her to improve their shit – or two, PRAISE in heaping measures when warranted, no and never any in betweens there.

It’ll always be that way – on this list, my business, my products, if someone reading this doesnt like it, they’re free to jump off a cliff for all I care. Thats me, thats always gonna be me …

Vince McMahon said as much during a very controversial podcast, but then again he ultimately made millions doing just that.

You get deep into the pysche of people and you be HONEST OVER ALL.

And no matter how much people deny the truth it’s staring them right in the mirror, or BANK ACCOUNT for some people – and that truth doesnt go away, friend.

And they know it.

My honest writings are the #1 reason why scores of people hate me, troll me, and will do anything to see me completely fail.

They’ve failed thus far, they will continue to. And I’ll welcome their trolling!

It’s also why folks love me, no-one gives it to you fuckin straight like I do. It wasn’t for nothing my friend told me it wouldn’t be foregone conclusion in terms of whose more brutally honest – me, or Donald Trump.

Second, jacks of all trades aren’t necessarily the losers in life. True , specialized knowledge works wonders, you need it, but you need brain and street smarts over all, especially the latter, to succeed and go where no-one has gone before you. Someone like Sly Stallone is a great example, not a boxer, not a wrestler, not any of what he potrays in his movies, yet he, like Mc Mahon, can connect with the common man – “Americana” and globally – and therefore, his success.

Third, listen to your audience, and not critics.

Critics have panned movies that turned out to be complete hits. Sleeper hits at that. Books etc.

They aren’t always wrong but you gotta take what they say with several pinches of salt.

Fourth, and I’ll end this one here – when I get on calls with folks and ask me about “how to really commit myself” and then tell me “I’ve done that already” when I tell ’em some ways how – I ask them this.

How many times you have failed, failed big (sometimes after succeeding, lost it all), and then come back again grander and better than before?

It’s a question everyone needs to ponder, life wise, fitness wise, business wise.

Until you’ve failed, been damned proud of it, and failed fuckin big, you aint lived or tried, and thats the bottom line I’ll end this one on!

Fitness wise, hard hitting advice that truly works in all my books and products. 

Start with the 0 Excuses Fitness System. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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