More on why sugar is an addictive and indisious little bastard, and why it’s nigh AS, or more possibly addictive than Coke-aine…
- And it is brah, fact

I’ve been having the dickens of a headache all day.

I wondered all day why, I’ve worked out, I haven’t fasted (though I never had headaches when I fast, longer I go without, the better I fuckin feel), I have not worked out too much, I stretched – I even took two gentle walks and stood in the setting evening sun, I did all I normally I do, worked a full day and night and continue to, I slept till noon yes, thats not “too much” given I was working till 5 AM and thus forth …

Couldnt figure out why – the answer hit me after a dang shower.

Before that, I took a quick look at the cookie I filled, and instantly raided the other night, hot damn, that shit smelt good, I was tempted – even yours truly – I will freely fuckin admit it.

Yet, the aftermath

I put back the jar – for another night.

My stomach wasn’t near as tore up as I expected it to be after gorging on that many, but it wasn’t in the best of shape either, and it wasn’t the pickles or heapings of fruits and veggies I ate either.

It was the processed junk that tasted so good – still does.

Which is why I so dont want my daughter eating it.

The honey I gulped tonight, not completely natural, but a far cry from the processe cookies etc – that damn flour, preservatives and crap caused it.

A shower normally cures it, it has not this time, and it aint that i’m hungry. Sometimes a hot shower does it to me – I rarely take hot showers ,but I took a cold one tonight…

I got it though, drying myself off.

It hit me, thats why I opened the cookie jar out of the blue!

Man, if there’s one thing I stress and tell everyone to avoid – its that damn it sugar.

In all its forms, its the worst thing you can put into your body unless it’s like natural, like raw sugarcane juice and such.

You might as well be putting coke in your body – either the drink or the drug. And the drink has been, the diet version of it, proven to corrode insides of car engines when poured down it – think of what it does and the long term havoc it wreaks upon human beings in general physically and mentally.

I’ve never had these sort of headaches even after quitting smoking that I wrote to you earlier about today.

Maybe a little the day after, maybe a longing to smoke, but and damn, I smoked two packs a day, that was it, in a couple of days it went away.

But this, I haven’t done this for years, then one time I do it – haha – if you needed more proof – there it is for you.

And day after the sugar was another fast, get this – to get the crap out of my system. This is THREE Days later..

I’m well aware most reading this email will nod and go on stuffing sugary crap down their throats anyway and get fatter and more slovenly, internally more miserable than before while Tom Tomming their so called delicious birthday cakes or what not on Shitter – Twitter.

And thats your choice, not my business to say otherwise.

I’ve said what I have to.

More in the Simple and effective Diet. 

I haven’t yet started the book on fasting, but I will if there is enough demand, so write back – and let me know. Dont be a bump on a log, many of you are – oh, and … crowning glory of all glories –

To “Tobias” from somewhere in SA he requested to keep private, so I wont reveal the exact precise city – who wrote back with an unsubscribe request saying “I sent 20 emails the other day, and that he might have “considered” buying but its “getting to be too much” – it seems he’s suffering from overdose or withdrawal or both – not me.

Hey, riddiance and good luck friend, and I mean that. The list is for hard core doers, not lookie lous or fence sitters, those that want to help me out by asking to be removed, thank you very much. It’ll be done – and has been done in your case T. The link was right there if you wanted to quietly click it, so clearly you didnt really want to go, you wanted to whine and have your voice heard, I’ve granted that request too. Thank you again for the applause brah. I’m glad I’m doing so superlatively well in turning the non doers OFF, and the doers ON. Thats my intention! Always has been, except I’ve upped it (the ante) and taken things to unseen levels as of late, and it’s only just starting. You ain’t seen nothing as yet pal. 20 emails is the start. I’ve sent over 40 once when I had a sale!

I dont want if then’s, has been’s, maybe’s, the real maybe’s remain silent and talk after doing, or dont whine at all on the list – bottom line.

And thats just how it is.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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