The rule of 10,000
- So they say

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It takes 10,000 tries to – or practices, whatever, to truly achieve the level of mastery most people never will (even those masters keep learning)- – so say wise men.

Bruce Lee said that about kicks and martial arts.

Millionaire writers that have been there, done that say that about writing – emails, books, novels, newsletter, you apply it to what you want.

10,000 hours of practice is a bare minimum for most looking to make it at an elite level in sports.

And so forth.

So that got me thinking.

With my four hours – min – of hiking the hill in those conditions I told you about, just how much have I hiked in my whole life? till now?

Well, for two years, it was 4 * 365 – often 6 x 365.

I tell the daughter all the time to multiply in her head.

I’m a lazy son of a gun right now, so I’ll pull out the calc.

I remember an average of 30 k steps a day though just during the workout, and then I was walking all day at work, running to work and such …

1640 + 2090.

  • 3730 (I did that one in my head)

I left out the parts in the first year when I did 6 times a day.

Remember, that hill was steep as heck, 900 m or so, it was like a 1000 steps up, 1000 down.

Then you have all the years of hiking 1-3 times a day up and down it.

which is like 8 at the least

You do the Math, I wont.

But I’d say I’m over 10,000 hours or close to it very easily at that …

Now, lets take emails.

I dont send 20 or 40 emails daily. But I do send a min of one a day for all my businesses, no matter what. I’ve been doing it for years.

And most are posted here.

This is #2760.

The other site has … lets see, … 1057, maybe more because the count messed up when I moved servers, but lets leave it at that for now.

Then 398 + 1466 emails on the other biz.

Bear in mind these are the public emails.

These dont take in account the very substantial amount sent to the Ship and such which will never be posted publicly.

Then, all the writing I’ve done and products I’ve created.

On the other site, you can multiply whats here in terms of volume by 2.5.

Emails alone are well over 5500… so even by that yardstick, man, I’m well there … or on my way?

You decide, but I speak from a place of knowledge and achievement my friend.

Nothing beats daily practice.

The Law of practice and persistence is not one Tom Tommed because it dont sound pretty, but it, like water, wears everything else down ultimately.

And thats that.

Back soon.

For a fitness system that will build gumption in spades and turn YOU into a doer and achiever beyond your wildest dreams, and imagination – click HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Writing, you ask? Dont forget all the emails and writing I did for other clients not mentioned here when I Worked for others, at “that” job, and all the foruming I did before … like tomes upon tomes there too. I’ve always been a writer au extraordinnaire. I’ve only now taken it to the extremest next level and I’m just getting begun.

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