If you’re an idiot that “jumped on the list” (wtf??) just for freebies, thats the worst damned decision you ever made, and thats saying a heck of a damned lot.
- Ugh!

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I gotta say this – shit never fails to amaze me in terms of how dumb people can be, or act, or both.

Just when I thought my ex was at the level where it’s like beating your head against 15 or more different brick walls simultaneously talking to her – along came #16.

In response to my video about monkey bars at that..

Look, if you need me to explain the rationale behind the title of this email, you’re stupid enough as it is, but I’ve explained even that ad infinitum, now I just delete, block,and more. It’s simpler.

Like the guy said when pissing it out on a meme on a Chinese factory manager’s desk, sometimes its easier to just piss and give up.

Anyway, I got a response from an idiot who in her own words “jumped on the list” (wtf??) – and asked me “why I should buy a product when I give most of it away for free”.

Hot damn.

You have those complaining about “I want more videos, longer ones”, so they can get it all for free – it ain’t happening, then you have nutjobs of the nature above.

Then those who whine about “he doesnt look as handsome in them” (TRUE Comment I got) and “he talks too much” and what not (like fuck, why do a video if I’m not explaining).

This is precisely why I never did videos to start with, why I might just stop again.

To me though, the stupidest and dumbest part?

Is if you think thats all you need, well, follow what I do in the videos if you can, you’ll get into great shape, but most can’t – period.

Thats fine by itself.

But you really learn how to in the manuals.

Hell, every time I look at a video or book of mine, I think this -“I wish I could have put this in too”.

I  just have so much knowledge on all this, it’s nigh impossible to put in one book, two or more, and I’m still learning, every book, writing, video etc.

If you think you’re getting a good deal with the free stuff, think about how much you’ll benefit from the rest of it, of course, that would require one to, um, you know, actually THINK … Haha.

And that ain’t a strong suit for most.

Oh well.

Back soon.

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Rahul Mookerjee

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