What the “normal” people laugh and scoff at…
- .. is what they really WANT.

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I’m very proudly “abnormal” by today’s definition – always have been.

I’ve always been different, and never really bothered hiding it (though admittedly I’ve been LAZY too a lot of my life and not marketed it way the hell “over the top” like I should have starting 2003).

Then again, those experiences caused me to create the other business down the line which I had no inkling of doing then – indeed, if you were to ask me then I’d scoff and say “no-one will buy all that”.

Oh fuck yeah they will, and do.

It drives EVERYTHING – as it often does. No, the fitness biz is not a front for the other one, they are seperate, but that biz really fuels it all, what people want deep down in their deepest cores – I bring it out in the OPEN.

Like I’m so damn good at doing here.

(in fact, while I would not bet my bottom dollar on it, I’d bet less than that on this – I would NOT be surprised if some of you on this site have signed up for that site with aliases etc and bought from there, so striking are the comments, similarities sometimes – and I do NOT believe in coincidence.)

Anyway – proudly abnormal.

Which most people laugh at …

It smacks of impotence, always has to me.

Current events, look at the Russia Ukraine conflict, you see idiots all over the news saying “everyone is laughing at the Russians” – yet, they’re the ones that have decimated pretty much the entire Ukranian economy, they’ve destroyed pretty much 1/2 the country – and all of this while using 10-15% of their real capabilities – against the entire West.

30% of Ukraine has fled (understandably so) – probably more unfortunately passed on, and what remains, well, smouldering ruins…

Sad, but they brought this upon themselves. *their leadership that is*

And people “laugh” at the Russians… ?

And while that might be an immensely unpopular opinion – it’s true.

It’s also true that if the shoe was on the other foot, ie the Russians put their shit in Mexico for one, then the US would not tolerate it, so why the hell are the Russians expected to tolerate it?

You dont push a world power around, my friend. Its that fuckin simple, not to mention China …  Russia isn’t Iraq, no matter what the liberals in charge think it is, and with Trump, none of this would have gone down, there would be no need in the first place, Trump wouldn’t be that damn stupid anyway to pander to a nation that has effectively given and done “F all” for the US of A. (sorry but its a fact my friend).

Then, fitness.

When I Tell the ex about pullups and pushups she scoffs, and says “so what”.

Yet, I’ve told you the story of my own ex (no longer with us) back in college who was the one that made the comment about the guy doing pull-ups “look at those muscles!”

That was the first time I got a direct hint of what it is women truly want – that being the sleek X shape, not the monstrous biceps or what not at the gym.

Look at Stallone in his heyday.

THAT – and I worked damn hard at becoming that shape, yes, but I was way too late – but better late than never, it taught me valuable fucking lessons.

Then you have the normal idiots calling me an idiot for suggesting home schooling, where are we today?

Man, I cannot recall the number of times I’ve been asked this idiotic question of “whats more important to you – money or freedom” – and then these same idiots answer it mournfully … “money for us”.

Do they really want freedom?

Hell yeah, but they scoff openly at the lifestyle, the sacrifices required to get there and maintain it.

When you get there, the entire world appluads, along the way, the morons will laugh.

Now for me I love it even now. Profit Troll being a case in point on how I MONETIZE it all – but really, people scoffing.

“He’s always wearing the same shorts, the same battered clothes”.

Hell, they’d do anything to ditch their corporate suits and ties my friend. There’s a reason the Steve Austin Vince Mc Mahon feud was so successful – Vince is a fuckin genius!

Same thing for getting fit, pull-ups and such.

Fat idiots seated on the lat pulldown will claim “we’re big but not strong”, so what if this guy does a ton of pull-ups and handstand pushups.

Yet, secretly what they laugh at, scoff at is what they truly WANT.

I’d rather be proudly abornmal my friend.

I dont know about YOU reading this.

But I proudly wear the badge, I always have, always will.

And that, my friend, is the lesson for this one, take from it what you will…


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – A relatively normal fitness system that will get you into the best shape of your life HERE. But really, normal folks … I dont know, I’d rather the abnormal get it – or if you’re normal, please do what it takes to be a bit abnormal. Hehe.

I remember Ahmed, a dude at a company I once worked in, saying “always together” after he quit the job.

And today, I’m here making that gesture and saying “proudly fuckin abnormal” – forever. And I’d rather be that damn way!

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