Ah yes, the “purpose of wearing sunglasses” …
- Sun - glass?

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People, usually grade A MORONS and idiots – ask the dumbest questions ever.

And (and this is a valuable sales lesson to those that need it) – what they ask, or say is usually the polar opposite of what they want.

Much like I’ll never forget the Chinese calling me “super rich” when I had nary a penny to my name, less (when these guys literally had houses looking like they belonged in Beverly Hills or MORE – this was a Chinese VILLAGE, mind you!) … and that was good, but much  like …

Well, this idiot who complains and whines about not being able to do pull-ups for years, comes up to me and badgers me every time I work out in the park and “effuses” praise on me which I do not want, because it RINGS HOLLOW (dont get me wrong, I love praise as much as the next person, but for him it’s tinged with jealousy and incompetence, and a feeling of … whats the word? IMPOTENCE, which is triggered by his own damn laziness – I’ve told him to practice, focus on form, he does NONE of the above, yet whines…) …

… Or (the same idiot) who shows up during 500 rep pushup workouts and badgers me about “I want to try on your sunglassses”.

Hey, I get it.

I’m the dude everyone WANTS to be,  but no-one’s got the guts to DO what it took me to get here.

Living a life of freedom requires sacrifices for years, and ongoing, at a level the average Joe or El Tubbo couldn’t even begin to imagine with their family money doing it all for them.

Nothing wrong with choosing that lifestyle if you’re honest about it, there’s EVERY damn thing wrong though with “pretending” you want a lifestyle like mine without being willing to make the SACRFICIES necessary.

And really, dude’s out there in the heat doing pushups, you come up to him badgering him about his sunglasses … Ugh.

Complete moron.

I done blocked his ass a long time ago, anyway, what I just saw takes the cake.

And these idiots are the so called teachers who act like they’re entitled Prima Donnas out on the modeling ramp instead of you know, actually TEACHING the kids (right down to not doing lessons at all and then tossing it out on Whatsapp at 9PM before an exam “the kids have to do it on their own”).

These are the so called “normal” people in our fuckin society.


These are the folks that look at you and I – WANT the thing, cannot get it – or more accurately, aren’t willing to put in the damn work, and then BITCH about folks like me.


First it was the covid BS, then it was schools closed, or during, and this damn school my daughter goes to?

It seems to FIND excuses to do the “teach from home” thing.

Fancy (and I’m saying this to the ex)!

The ex whined about “she needs a normal childhood” when I brought up home schooling in 2017, so did the parents.

Fancy, years down the line, WHAT is happening?

Home schooling for the most fuckin part, the kids go there, have a ball, but it’s as opposite from our school days as day and night are.

And this year, I’ve spoken about the lunacy of wearing long pants in summer to protect against so called dengue (dont get me wrong, I almost died from it at 12) … or, the latest?

School exhorting the parents not to send the kids to school “because they might get conjunctivitis” or some damn eye disease thats the latest BS around here people have bought into it.

While renegades like yours truly dont even have a mask.

Yoga gurus, fitness studs, former PResidents, doers – have all gone on record stating “precautions, but not panic”, but of course, most people are sheep – not the wolf. Ask Denzel. Hehe.

Like Ramdev rightly ranted, you’ve got a pair of damn lungs that God gave you for a purpose, use ’em, dont whine about oxygen cylinders and other bunk.

Anyway, theres nothing at all wrong with precautions.

However, and I was telling a fat dude this today “you do get what you really expect”.

If your medicine cabinet is stocked to the gills like most people’s are, and the junk food is flowing, which it does – yet, the vegetables are missing, so are the fruits (no, an overdose of meat doesnt help either – nothing in excess is good) – then you’re expecting illness, and lo, it eventually comes.

If however you follow a healthy lifestyle and live free and unfettered mentally and physically like the Creator meant us all to – well, you do just fine.

Folks dont get it.

And the latest BS, well –

Some of these idiots have actually asked about the sunglasses, then bought versions of it themselves.

Truly, the movie star that never was. Maybe someday. Hehe.

Man …

Expect health, and WEALTH, and you’ll get more of the same.

PREPARE for that, and you’ll get more of that.

Prepare for the reverse, guess what you will get, and do.

Remember, negative strikes far easier in the mind than positive does…

And thats that.

Ah yes, the point of wearing sunglasses.

Do I even need to answer that BS?


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Not mentioned in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, but I use the mindset behind the people that are TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO busy to respond to messages etc, yet always on their blasted dumbphones… to make sales, and a lot of it. Like with this here email. Hehe. I can see the fumes coming out of folks ears already. ????And I’ll be honest, ‘m LOVING it too.

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