I spoke to Elon Musk last night – or this morning.
- Them early morning talks...

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There’s a reason I generally wake up late, my friend.

The dreams, often lucid, I have between the hour of 6-11 – man!

They foretell, they explain, they provide miraculous solutions out of the blue, I’ve got several dream diaries filled with my dreams – but this morning’s dream was one of those so profound ones I had to write about it instantly, which I did on the other site from a sexual standpoint (no, Musk had nothing to do with that part of it).

But, hours later, this thought popped into my mind, and so …

I might start, based upon popular demand thus far chronicling my dreams and UNDERSTANDINGS from them online. And how they foretell the future etc if you can read ’em, if you ACCEPT what they tell you (most wont) and so forth.

But anyway, Napoleon Hill spoke about his Council of Ministers in Think and Grow Rich.

These were imaginary figures he created in his own mind that he’d seek counsel from every night.

Indeed, these were men that had qualities he admired, and by his own admission, he’d spend an hour in bed every night “talking” to these men (while awake).

(by his own admission again) these talks became so real that the characters actually started to “exist” for him, he stopped doing it, fearful of the effect it was having, but restarted after Lincoln, one of his advisors, said the world needed him.

I can identify to the letter and then some with all this, I just recently started re-writing my dreams down after a break.

I dont practice the Council technique.

But in my dreams, I’ve spoken to Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk (most recently) and other people I admire – and those talks are so real (including one with a certain Jodie Foster dressed and decked out in sparkling WHITE) that I sometimes wonder if they’re just dreams!

Now, this dream.

Let’s review the other site…

Ah yes. I knew there was a reason I ended that last email with “Kick AZZ!” – hehe.

Let me just cut out the sexual parts, and write the other parts here –


Often times I chronicle my dream in my dream diary. Today, for some reason, straight out of bed I wanted to do it here…

And so, here goes.

Was one of those lovely convoluted dreams as always – man!

Started off with, oh I dont even know – my Dad? With whom I’ve never had a relationship, I was writing about a biz deal I had with “Elon Musk” and “tesla” – I was writing about this in a diary. Dad shows up, tries to take a peek, and I get angry (upset) (this is how I chronicle most of my dreams in writing my friend – today I’m doing it here for some odd reason).

We get into an argument- he’s there with feet up complaining about “oh you do it too!”

I didnt say much. I never do when I talk to Dad, there’s no point.

“Enjoy Your Tesla”, he went cattily.

What do you want, Dad – I said wearily.

He left, equally wearily.

Then a guy I knew a long time ago who sort of worked under me, I was working “overtime” in an office – with “Musk” – who was noticing me doing everything (I believe I even got into a bit of a tiff with him in the dream, details not clear! Hehe) – and I said hi.

“Heyyyyyyyyyyy” I remember saying politely. He nodded back.

Guy who I worked with before – him and I were supposed to grab a drink, things got boisterous, I told him to calm down, he wouldn’t – we went to the “cafeteria” – I told him he could do what he liked there.

He got pissed off, an argument ensued, folks showed up, they took my side on this one and told me to “out” that guy – in that he’s supposed to be here for work, but hes talking about going out drinking …

… I “return” to the office.

On the way back I’m chased by a huge black dude I had NO chance against – I do manage to trip him up though, but he still catches me!

And he’s the nicest guy ever. Helps me. And such!

On the way down on an escalator, I beckon for HIM to go first, he doesnt …

Finally, a lady does.

A slim sexy black lady.

I laugh.

“Ok, y’all, I’l follow her, dont push me!”

they wouldn’t need to.

In the middle, she stops, and rubs that BOOTY of hers **chopped – to keep it kiddie rated – hehe*

… lot of the people behind me “dont hold us up, you ass!”


I mutter some apologies.

I take her Twitter. How apt!

And that perhaps is why I’m writing this to you – when I ask her her name?

“R…..” (my real name)


” I thought that was a boys name” – I said.

She giggled.

Its fluid, I woke up thinking.

She even asked me WHAT I liked the most, I said everything, that sleek sexy BACK amongst one, “but you like the BOOTY the most”, she went.

Maybe! Hehe.

Anyway –

Took a leak.

And now, here I am, about to hit the hay again!

Well, my friend, that moist *chopped* aside, today’s dream has been vividly chronicled on the internet, much like I would on paper.

Let me know how you liked it, I’ll have more if you did!



Anyway – lots left up to your imagination.

And if you’re on the other site, well …

The “name” – well, that dream tells us what we all know but are scared to acknowledge, the other side … which we all have, especially the most outwardly sanctimonious of folks.

But that ain’t the point here.

The point here is – AZZ – kicking it – while owning one that folks love to admire. Hehe.

Yours truly has always had a nice one.

Glyn… ah, we’ll leave it be.

But thats one of the body parts that for a man my friend shows real strength and virility. Ancient slaves were often checked before auction by people literally grabbing their buttocks and shoulders…

And for a woman, sexiness, or for both men and women obviously

After mammaries, its the body part people want to work the most – to look GOOD …

And the best way to get a toned, muscular booty my friend – is SQUATS, ass to grass, done right (hint – most people half ass it, no pun) – and squats galore.

My course Squat 101 is a must grab in this regard, as is the 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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