Why those that get bored easily or “want something new all the time” or a deriative thereof are idiots that usually dont accomplish any long term result(s) – IF AT ALL.

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Yes, I’ve written, spoken, ranted about this before.

Yes, I’m doing it again, and will continue to. Lots of idiots need to hear this.

Last afternoon, an idiot wrote back with “not pull-ups again”.

“I want something different” (this nutward is signed up for my youtube, refuses to unsubscribe either…) …

I asked him what. he has no clue.

I asked him whats so damn boring about pull-ups, he wont respond.

I told him what I’ve told everyone – one of the best exercises, and all the associated things that go with it, and … well, I asked him how many he could do, but I didnt need to, since I then visited his youtube – judging by the looks of his podgy pudgy self, I pity the chinning bar and lets just leave it that (I wont even dignify this moron by mentioning name and location).

Yet, he wants something “new” when he can’t do the basics.

Its exactly these sort of self inflicted ADHD ridden morons that complain about workouts being “boring” and having the same things etc – and finding easier exercises to replace those that are too tough for them (a huge case in point is avoiding pull-ups done right, especially pronated grip) … and whining about everything under the sun except fixing their inability to DO the thing.

Look, my friend, repetition is really what breeds success at anything.

Those long hours I put in on the hill, 10,000 plus emails, years of writing – training – practice – whatever it is, success doesnt just occur.

Your GRIND, or the lack of it determines what ultimately happens, and looking for the next most interesting thing on Twitter or Tik Tok … well, feel free to do that if you like, but remember – while Herschel Walker switched up his pushups, for instances, he was positively dogmatic about his workouts – and positively so about the core stuff he did.

He’s just one example of a real doer…

0 Excuses Fitness is not for those with short attention spans, getting easily bored, looking for the next new thing etc. Sure, I have plenty of freaking “variations” – but you have to stick to the basics religiously, and keep doing them until they become second and third nature, and do ’em even more …

And if you’re an idiot that can’t even watch a few seconds of videos without getting bored, they aint for ya.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Repetition of the same chant, the same affirmation, the same incantations causes BELIEF to occur – once that belief becomes a deep seated convictions, things begin to happen.

And thats that.

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