What climbing hills daily can teach you about LIFE.
- Goes way beyond just fitness.

Last night, or again, this AM, I had a very lengthy almost lucid dream – and in this one?

Well, other than a guy I wont mention here, I saw Brooks Kubik – and me talking to him, attending one of his … well, in the dream what was it? Like a seminar, which I dont know if he’s ever even had … and such.

I even bought a product – in CASH at that, despite my propensity for everything online and digital from him. I can’t quite remember which, I do remember the amount though.

Now, dreams are intepretative, but with some signs I’ve been signing as of late – no that wasn’t a tai-po – from the Universe sending me signals in terms of my deepest desires, what I really want – well – along with “Musk” dream I had a while back, though it wasn’t that long ago, it’s an apt dream to have – really!

Brooks was as always the nicest ever.

I can even remember his voice as we spoke…

I’ll reveal more dream details later, but for now, guy’s always been a legend to me right from when I first emailed him in 2004 – there is a reason the story, along with that of Ann Lee is mentioned on the Advanced Hill Training page.

It would have started anyway – but she kick started it – literally, with a kick to my butt once – literally.

And that look in the eye “yes, YOU CAN!” (when I was making an excuse about not being able to climb after work).

The Brooks email came later.

But either way, climbing hill like that daily teaches you a lot about yourself.

About how out there in the heat, sweat dripping off ya “this is real climbing!” like you’re in the shower, steamy rains that give way to jungle like heat the next minute, you’re not sure if your shirt is sticking to your back with sweat, or rain, or both, that incline beckoning, menacing, those long slow Undertaker like walks I did up the hill with people telling me NOT to go that extreme, that FIRE burning in my lungs literally as I ascended at 12 noon, all of it – it builds mental and physical tougheness to a level most people will never get to in their entire life.

It teaches you that you can cope with anything life throws at you.

It teaches you that no matter how tough it gets, “God” – a term I’ve been using more and more often these days in place of the Universe, though my core belief remains the same – is there with you.

If you have your mind right – if you do the right things – the Universal Court of Justice sees all, it delivers justice and punishment, as Emerson said so much more eloquently than I could ever (I still remember meeting the Sage of Concord on the hill in 2019) … in SPADES.

Compound interest.

At the right time.

It teaches you faith.

To keep going, and you’ll get results, and how.

Most of all, it builds GUMPTION like nothing else, like no other workout can, the only others I’ve seen that build that sort of gumption are high rep squat and pushup workouts.

Deck stacked and then some, back against the wall, with it all being piled on, NOW what you going to do son?

And you come out fighting.

And WIN.

And that hill imbibes that SPIRIT in you, as those workouts did, repeated, all alone, out there in the heat, sweat, only those that have done it will appreciate it and what I have to say here.

I know ole Brooks sure will!

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee