My, how things change…

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I dont know why this memory came to mind, I dont know why I chose THIS time to write about it.

But it’s when I was in eighth grade, now you guys are well aware of my childhood, growing up, wanting to do the manly things, not being allowed to, never being given the tools I needed to do whatever it is I wanted to in that regard, the put downs etc …

… but the memory that popped into mind, and of course the goddamned doorbell has to ring with idiots all around as soon as I start to write with some time on my hands… ugh…

Train of thought…

… anyway, the memory of me using my dad’s razor “on the secret” to shave came to mind.

If he’d ask me today, I’d return the damn thing ( I never kept it) – but you get my drift – the memory.

Hey Dad, thats all I had access to back then, I didnt “keep this” out of any sentimental attraction to you or what not … anyway, I got a dressing down for it.

He gave me my Mom’s version of “he thinks he’s so strong” – “you think you’re a big man with huge mustaches!”

Funnily enough,  my Mom’s always had a yen for men with mustaches. something which according to Dad she will “never live down” – the comment about a certain Indian film star Jackie Shroff being so manly, I could never understand why she kept saying that – to me he wasn’t really that manly – fit yes, but …


This isn’t about me taking my favorite movie star’s picture to the salon to get a hairdo just like him either (13). Hehe.

It’s about memories.

Its about today when you rarely, if ever, see me clean shaven.


How things change.

And from Mr Stubble, these memories may or may not matter to you, but we all got ’em.

But THESE matter -a hell of a lot – fitness wise.

And I guess thats why I chose to write this NOW…


Rahul Mookerjee

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