Truly pressed for time?

Fitness wise, carve out at least an hour daily for your routine my friend. Like Akshay Kumar rightly said – if you can’t do that, might as well kill yourself. He applies the same standard or more to himself, before folks start whining.

Listen to why he’s saying what he is, not the shock impact of the words.

But if you truly don’t have much time? No I ain’t talking about lazy phocks here. This message don’t apply to the vast majority of Bozos out there that have all the time in the world to yammer on the phone for hours, stay on the dumbphone from morning till night, travel Selfie City and other crap..

It applies to people for whom time TRULY is a constraint.

Everyone’s got at least FIVE minutes.

And if you really can’t spare more than that?


And do dead hangs.

Stretch – especially the hamstrings and upper back. The thighs.

Especially squats. Work the legs, you work the entire body. Like Steve Austin once said, even if you ain’t doing nothing else – Squat, I don’t care, you’ll grow even if you ain’t doing nothing else.

All of this can be done in less than 10 minutes and get the heart thumping if you do it RIGHT. I just did 100 squats while waiting for my water to boil – and my, that heart thumped!

These will get you a long way along the fitness road even with minimal time investment.

Zero excuses mofo!

Speaking of which – that’s why I named it that.

10-15 minutes of your time daily is all it takes my friend.

Start today.

Stop making excuses.

Invest in the program today.

And get started on the road to getting you in the best shape of your life – today.


Rahul Mookerjee

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