“If I do 500 pushups I’ll go .. UP!”

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So said dude, an older guy.

Pointing heavenwards. Hehe.

Now, he was referring to the 500 Pushup workouts I did last winter – out there in the park, live streamed on YouTube. These days that’s been replaced by long sessions of the split. I thought of livestreaming that too. But it’s mostly meditation time for me, so I didn’t – plus, I’m not sure how many of you would want to sit – no pun – through that sorta thing though it’s a great workout.

One everyone should do.

You no longer do those, he inquired.

I told him I no longer do that many and the pushups, squats etc I do at home. Out there in the sun, I stretch – get on the monkey bars – pull-ups on thick bars and such. Sun makes it feel even better!

You should too, I told him.

This dude has had an hernia operation and is approaching 60 …

Gentle stretching. Mobility. You don’t need to be necessarily do a lot of pushups at your age though of course you could, I went.

His response? Documented in the title. Hehe.

After my workout, smoking a quiet fag out there (he asked if I was from the UK to which I responded in the negative) it got me thinking.

Fitness should enhance your lifestyle.

Not rule it to the point you do nothing else like so many people make the mistake of thinking.

When I pass, I’d like to go with a body that’s been through it all. Fun. Hard work. Vices. All of it.

Fact is, I couldn’t get away with a fraction of the vices I have without a proper exercise routine.

That isn’t me saying you should have vices or shouldn’t but hey. We are all i to something.my friend. Plain and simple. Ask Mickey Rourke for one. Hehe.

Adopt flexible fitness routines that enhance your lifestyle.

And that, as I told dude – “don’t send you up any quicker than you gotta go”.


And that’s the message for today.



Rahul Mookerjee

Smoking a aui

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