The Universe is smiling upon YOU

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Dear friend,

Wow. Holy SCHMOKES! I just got done with one of the best workouts of my life – probably one of the toughest as well, and yet I sailed through the routine like a hot knife slicing through butter and with as much “apparent” physical exertion.

What’s more, although ALL my workouts leave me feeling invigorated – and ready to tackle the world with VIM, VIGOR and GUSTO – I currently feel like I could go 14 rounds more if you get my drift – that is how ENERGIZED I’m feeling right now!

That’s a key right there by the way, my friends. While physical training done the right way SHOULD be hard work, it shouldn’t FEEL like it (figuratively speaking) – and it sure as heck should NOT leave you feeling “drained and dead” at the end of each workout.

A lot of “gurus” will be shaking their collective heads here.

“You’re wrong”, I hear them saying. ” A workout should WIPE you out – leave you feeling like you’ve got nothing got!”.

Well, perhaps once in a while – you give it your ALL and THEN SOME –  but unless you’re someone whose got nothing else to do other than train in his / her life, I sure as hell would not recommend the “drained and dead” routine every time or even most of the time.

Hell, even pro athletes know it’s best to go easy some days and go HARD the others. The key, and this is something I mentioned repeatedly in the 0 Excuses Fitness System is to do something daily without going to failure.

Anyhow, what on earth does all this have to do with the Universe smiling you might ask?

Good question.

I’ve mentioned before that I usually picture my goals while I’m training – and during various parts of the day regardless. In fact, I hold visualization done properly in such high stead that it is rightfully the FIRST commandment of the “Ten Commandments of Physical Success” in the  0 Excuses Fitness System

And while I did this today, I took this to a whole another level altogether – and the world literally seemed to change – and shape itself around me.

Several things occurred that would NOT have happened normally, and that I probably would NOT pay heed to if I wasn’t as attuned as I am to my senses being in tandem with the Universe and the Universal energy that is a part of us all.

A cool breeze started to flow as I pictured what I want. Butterflies for whatever reason made their way towards me – – and people just “reacted” to me differently (out of the blue, mind you) than they would normally.

And as my spine tingled with anticipation of what was to come, it was like RAW, SHEER energy was pouring off my body in waves – even though I was as still as a scarecrow when actually doing the visualizations.

And lest you think this sort of thing is esoteric, “up in the clouds” kind of stuff that doesnt apply to fitness, you’ve got another think coming my friend.

It DOES. And it applies to every area of life as well.

If you’re currently training to win a championship at whatever it is you’re competing in, hold that thought and picture in your mind as you train.

If you’re currently looking to start a new and successful business, hold the thought of having a successful business in your mind as you go about creating it.

If you’re looking to develop “shoulders like boulders” – well, hold THAT picture in your mind as you do the exercises required to build “them” shoulders.

And so forth.

I’ve used this technique MANY a times, and it’s never ever disappointed me in the slightest (if anything it’s been the opposite) and it will be the same for you too if you do it correctly.

Why? Why am I so sure this will work?

Great question, and one I’ve addressed in a manual before, and one that I’ll talk about again in future posts.

For now though –  if you train – don’t just go through the motions. PICTURE what it is you want – and train accordingly – and watch the results seemingly “materialize” in front of your very eyes.



Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Even if you aren’t interested in physical fitness, the Ten Commandments are a MUST read for the game of LIFE, my friend – they apply just as much to life as they do fitness – and who doesn’t want to succeed at the game of life, eh?

Yeah. I thought so. Go on ahead then and grab your copy of the System right HERE – – 

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