The School of Hard Knocks

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Dear Reader,

If there was one school I’d like my name to be associated with – above and beyond all the various educational institutions I’ve been to in my life – it is this – the school of HARD KNOCKS.

This, to me, has been by far the MOST valuable teacher to me in ALL regards. You could call it the “school of life” as well – but I prefer to call it the school of hard knocks, as it’s really when the “chips are down” that you find out what a man is really made of.

When the chips are down. When the wolves may be “baying” at the table. When the creditors BE calling. When the … ah, but you get the drift, don’t you?

It’s been said that the majority of the world prefers to “kick a man when he’s down” – but what is NOT often spoken about is this – the true value of a man is measured by how he can get up after repeatedly “being kicked” and keep on keeping on in the face of (sometimes staunch) opposition and obstacles galore to achieve a GOAL he sets for himself!

Now, we’ve been over all this in previous emails so back to the topic at hand.

And before we continue, don’t get me wrong. My alma mater is the University of Southern Mississippi – – a “little bitty” University tucked away in the suburbs (or near to it, anyway) of Hattiesburg MS – and I have nothing but fond memories of the place and positive things to say for the most part.

Didn’t end up going to a single Eagles game though despite some of the cheery profs giving us “weekend HW” which was just that – go to the game! Haha. Not a huge fan of baseball as you can tell, but all good …

Back on point though – despite my respect for educational institutions in general, I believe MOST schools and colleges around the globe are teaching plenty of “textbook” stuff to our kids – and young adults – but NOT the life skills they actually need to succeed in life.

For instance, the “ticket” to “riches” and a “stable career” is supposedly a MBA and a degree from a fancy Uni, but what if that job lays you off?

What if you find out that despite the pay – the job doesn’t SATISFY you one darn bit – and you’d rather be doing something else?

What if you DON’T know what you want to do in life – or even worse – KNOW – but don’t know how to achieve it?

These, and other questions are rarely addressed in schools or colleges – and yes, while there’s some lip service being paid these days to “dreams” in almanacs etc (where applicable), by and large, the nature of the writing makes me wonder if the person who wrote it actually believes in it – – or is just pasting the words off the Internet!

To me, it’s the school of life – the school of HARD KNOCKS – that is ultimately the most valuable teacher.

I’ll take experience gleaned this way ANYDAY over “bookish” knowledge, although there isn’t anything wrong with the latter.

And this problem extends into fitness as well – especially when we’re talking fitness coaching.

Way too many coaches forget that fitness isn’t just “something you do in the gym”.

It’s a life choice. It’s a way to a NEW YOU – from the inside out! It’s a way not just to blow off steam – but to get IDEAS – ideas that will help  you in LIFE – and most of all, it’s a constant reminder of the fact that true “wealth” can never really follow without true health being present as well.

Most fitness trainers focus upon nothing but sets and reps. “What exercises to do”. “How many sets of the bench press”.

And so forth.

Do we ever hear about fitness trainers asking about the trainee’s OVERALL GOALS – and more importantly – WHY they have the fitness goals they do?

… Or, WHY they haven’t been able to achieve the goals that they’ve been trying to (in their own opinion)?

Don’t get me wrong – sets, reps and the like are damn important, but the bottom line is understanding that fitness is not a “game in isolation”.

It’s a game to be played ALONG with the game of life – and THAT, my brother is how I approach all my coaching clients – and how YOU should approach the issue as well.

When looking for a trainer, don’t just go by “quals” on the outside. Look for the most important thing – i.e. has he or she been through the school of hard knocks before – and come out victorious?

THAT, my friend is the most valuable person that can ever teach you – someone thats been there – and DONE that!

And that’s a philosophy you’ll see repeatedly espoused in the 0 Excuses Fitness system – either directly or indirectly.

EVERYTHING I say – EVERY bit of advice I give – has come from HARD experience in the SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS, my friend.

I’ve been through the wringer – as I tell you quite often – and I’ve come out on the other side – and now I’m here to help YOU DO SO – through my books and products – but more importantly, also my personal coaching services.

So if you’re truly interested in becoming a better YOU – and starting TODAY – apply right here, my friend – –

We’ll take it from there!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Lots of clients have this goal to get a “six pack” – – and thats great if you  do it the right way – – but due to the overriding demand for this ONE “goal”, I figured I’d put out a product that addresses just this concern. That product is Corrugated Core – flying off the shelves as we speak – grab your copy now –

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