A state of DENIAL
- ... and how to REVERSE it!

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What I’m going to say is (like a few of my other missives as of late, and indeed over the years, hehe) come across as EXTREMELY jarring and “brutally honest” (well, that it is!) to those of you that are “politically correct – or easily offended – or a combo therein, or something to that effect.

If that’s you, either skip today’s email – or read it, and feel free to flame me thereafter, or up and unsubscribe, hehe.

I don’t mind either way. What I am about to say HAS TO BE SAID, and I’m going to say it NOW.

This has been bubbling on inside of me for a while, and though I’ve written about it before, now, and today in fact seems to be a PERFECT day to bring it up.

A couple of months ago, I was talking to a friend Charles – – a good friend – – about the state of the economy in China, and how it’s obvious that the cracks (which appeared a long time ago – and were being papered over and to an extent still are) – – have WIDENED.

It wouldn’t be so much of a stretch to say that the country is at a cross roads – as is the entire world, but for different and MORE reasons.

We were discussing the state of industry in general, and as I pulled out link after link to support my side of the argument he either ignored the links or claimed “they weren’t reliable”.

Now, bear in mind this person is an English teacher who has never really done any sort of real BUSINESS in his life. True, for a while he DID do his teaching as a “business of sorts”, and he did VERY WELL at it, but inexplicably, down the line, he failed to stick to it.

When times got tough, he disregarded any and all advice from yours truly – – basically threw away something he was doing – and doing WELL at that – – and ended up in a boat far worse to what he was in before if one were to be brutally honest.

Though Charles doesn’t know it (or if he paid attention to what I said back then, he may) – – that decision SADDENED me, as it would if any true friend were to just up and give up at the first hurdle. Hurdles are what it’s all about – – not smooth sailing as it had been for him for a while, and yet, when I brought this up …. You can guess the reaction! Hehe.

We were discussing how the tea industry in China is hurting, along with a lot of others (tea is non-essential – though it should be – but in the current market ….well, enough said!) and he wouldn’t believe me ,despite the fact that I have plenty of experience in this industry and he none.

Instead, the only “facts” he pulled out to support his claim were the following – – a tabloid piece from a leading tabloid in China – – which is about as reputable as the “Sun” is in the U.K., hehe.

And when I brought that up, he claimed I was trying to discredit a “reliable source”.

Huh? What about all the sources I BROUGHT up before?

Closer to the “now”, I was discussing the spread of the COVID-19 in China and the world with a lady the other day – a lady who was even more hell bent upon ignoring the facts placed in front of her (reliable articles) – -and instead parroting the official “all is well” line from the government, when all clearly isn’t well.

Now, bear in mind nationality, culture etc has nothing to do with this. The first person I mentioned is American, and the second is Chinese, and yet … they BOTH have their heads stuck in the sand on a vast, vast number of issues.

In fact, this lady went so far as to accuse me of “hating China” because I pointed out (with proof!) that the “all is well” line the government is putting out there is neither accurate – NOR is it FACT – – and lest you think this is “anti-China view”, well, think AGAIN.

It’s well known that I’ve spent my entire adult life, or close to it, anyway in China.

It’s also very well known that most of my fitness products, and indeed my OTHER writing features China, and Chinese people.

And last, but not least, it IS well known that a large swathe of the Chinese public themselves KNOWS that the “battle is far from won, if at all” – – and recent events across the mainland are prime EVIDENCE of this.

Am I saying lockdowns aren’t necessary?

Well, YES. In fact, they are COUNTER PRODUCTIVE.

YES, I said that!

Let me ask you this question, my friend – what exactly have lockdowns accomplished all over the globe?

When it boils right down to it – – the following (feel free to add on MORE)



Mass “conspiracy theory syndrome”

A state of FEAR (and brainwashing in several countries – I’ll write about that soon too!)

Economies teetering on the brink of collapse (Donald Trump once said that lockdowns are the quickest way to ruin a country (paraphrasing) – – and other than yours truly, I’m yet to see anyone that has come out and said this publicly. Kudos!)

All in all, nothing constructive. The death tolls go up by the day, and lest you think lockdowns are a SOLUTION – think again. The recent “second wave” of infections will tell you otherwise (if you actually choose to believe REAL news!).

The Universe spares no-one – – either reward or punishment. Try as you might, you CANNOT escape the wrath – or even the LARGESS of the Universe.

You reap what you sow – – and I truly do believe that the world as a whole has sown UNDESIRABLE seeds for way too long, and now, the turning point is here. Where we turn as a globe – – now that’s a good question!

An interesting thing to bring up at this point too, would be that the Universe gives us exactly what we WANT – except not perhaps “how” and “when”.

Before the current mess, we had people CHOOSING TO BARRICADE themselves in their homes, and stay on social media all day, did we not?

Now that it is being “forced” – – everyone is complaining.

Poetic justice, anyone????

Yet another example of living in a state of denial is the vast majority of English teacher in China.

Most of these people HATE the “monkey jobs” (which is essentially, and unfortunately what teaching English in China boils down to as opposed to “real teaching”), but continue to do it – – DESPITE having other options.

Often times, I’ve pointed out (off the bat) at least five different things these people could do that they LOVE to do – and WANT To do – to improve their lives.

And on every single occasion, there has been an excuse NOT to do it.


Well, because it requires CHANGE – – and as I was discussing with a friend on Facebook today, UNCOMFORTABLE change – – to get to where they would want to be.

And as far as uncomfortable changes are concerned, I should know, hehe. So much so that I should probably patent the term, given how things have panned out for me over my life!

And yet – would I take any of it back?

NO WAY, Jose.

All the uncomfortable changes were literally PROPELLING me towards my TRUE desires – something which most people are terrified of at a subconscious level and don’t even realize it. Yes, there are people out there SCARED of actually succeeding!

And back to denial – – there are some that claim the U.S., for one, pretty much the only large country that has NOT and SHOULD NOT impose country wide curfews change it’s decentralized structure of government.

Huh?? Change something that has been working for years?? Why?

For a lockdown that isn’t even the SOLUTION to the issue?

No thank you, my friend. Personally, me, I’d rather have it the way it is NOW as opposed to someone else making the decisions for me and then FORCING said decisions upon me.

Ask most people if they REALLY think lockdowns are a magic bullet, and you might be surprised to hear their REAL answers, and the “why’s”.

And yet, most people continue to live in a state of denial, and this is people across the GLOBE basically, not just in any one country.

Fitness wise, how does any of this matter?

Well, it does my friend. The same thing applies.

Those that are FAT – – and yes, you know who you are – – look at yourself the mirror and secretly wish to lose the excess flabbage – – but don’t have the guts to admit it takes CHANGE – – and a DIFFERENT approach to fitness than what you have been doing thus far.

Even if these people are shown PROOF, they’ll respond with garbage like “bodyweight exercises don’t work” or “I’m a big guy! I’m strong, not fat!”

Yeah. Right … especially to the last one, hehe. Actually, to BOTH.

Those that want to do pull-ups will “settle for less”.

“Oh, that’s OK. Others can’t do it either …. “

I’m a big guy, and that’s why I can’t do pull-ups!

And strangely enough or perhaps not this ROT- and that is what it IS – utter ROT- in terms of THINKING – is something that is SPREADING globally.

People are increasingly living in a state of denial as the Universe forces them into “corners” – – MOST of them, if not all, of their OWN choosing.

The thing is though – it’s EASY to break out of the rut – – and go for it – – both fitness wise and life wise, if you only MAKE UP YOUR MIND TO DO IT!

And as I asked you an an immensely popular (or unpopular, depending upon how you look at it) missive a while back – – which one are you? Which side of the fence are YOU ON?

Only you can answer that question, my friend – – and on that note, I’m out! I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – AM I saying there is NOT a problem? Sure there is – and while MEASURES need to be taken to contain the COVID-19, the best thing to do is ALSO to a) make sure your immune system is healthy b) practice BASIC SANITATION and c) avoid direct social contact as far as possible. And d) let things take it’s course. It may sound terrible to say (d), but survival of the fittest is NOT a new theory, my friend. And political correctness is NOT how the Universe functions!

P.S #2 – Good news is this, that a) which is the most important can EASILY be accomplished if on the right programs. But if you’re currently in a state of “Oh, we are on lockdown! It’s natural we’re gaining weight” – – well, then, you might as well click away NOW, my friend. No sympathy from me either … but for those of you that GET it – well – I’m here for you – – eager to “serve” as always, hehe.

P.P.S – – Rise UP – as a GLOBE!

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