Why “price shoppers” annoy the living BEJESUS out of me. . .
- And rightly so!

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Oh boy. I seem to be in “fine fettle” as of late, hehe as ole Marc would put it in the “Dongguan employment” group (which was a topic in an email or so prior to this).

And although some of you might be classifying what I’m talking about as pure rants – or rants mixed in with useful info – or simply what Rahul thinks – NO HOLDS BARRED – todays email will be another one that strikes home – in no uncertain terms – for a LOT of you out there, my friend.

Long ago, well, not that long ago actually (2017 I believe it was) – – I put out a revamped version of Gorilla Grip – – and a couple of days after it was out, I made my first sale.

And then I noticed something which I really enjoyed – – although you might think I shouldn’t have, hehe.

It was a review (something I ask all readers to do – honest reviews – we love ‘em!) which was a “3 star” review.

“Ok, but you can get the same information for free elsewhere” was the title of the review, and the illuminary who wrote this went on to say that the exercises “while OK” could be “found on the Internet” – and that “the examples I stated didn’t mean they would work”.

There was more, but that was the sum and substance of it, and I’ll try and link to the review if I can, but here is my point – – and I believe I’ve made this before when readers from this list email me complaining about price etc.

First, if the information is indeed “freely available”, why not just go out there and GET IT for yourself? I’m certainly not running after you to invest in any of my products – – or even “exhorting you to”, hehe. Ain’t my place to do so anyway. I can only show you the ROAD – it’s up to YOU whether you follow it or not, my friend, and that’s as simple as it gets.

Second, why didn’t this person simply just do it and compile the information HIMSELF if what he was saying was indeed true.

Obviously because he was either too stupid to do so – or didn’t have the time to do it – or couldn’t do it.

Third, as those that have purchased my products KNOW, there is a degree of “brain picking” that goes into my books that you CANNOT find elsewhere.

Be it the secret tips I often provide in my books and newsletters (I should say “secret” hehe) or even the “little things” (remember, little hinges are what swing BIG doors) – or simply my own experiences – all of that, my friend, if I were to care to put a price tag on it – – or even ONE of those things – – is simply invaluable!

When I receive remarks such as the above – – or unsubcscribes from my list due to said reasons (or any other idiotic reason, really), I throw my hands up and CELEBRATE – – and why?

Because you’ve just made space for someone else – who DOES get it, my friend!

And more as well, but before I sign off, this sort of thing is NOT limited to fitness alone.

I recently had a client from India add me asking for green tea, and all the quotes etc associated with what he wanted.

I patiently took the time to explain to him what he should be selling (cardinal rule #1 right there – – you NEVER let a “provider” tell you what to sell, but in this case I had to, because the guy did literally NO market research of his own despite me asking him to).

Except, of course, price.

“Can I have the cheapest price?”

“Uh, but what exactly do you want?”

“Something that’s cheap”.

“Uh, but I don’t sell based upon that buddy. Maybe you’d be better off contacting someone else!”

“Oh no! I liked your sample (I sent him a sample or two) … and I want to order it”.

“Well, quality doesn’t come free my friend”.

“Can you give me rates for other types of tea?”

And you can guess how the rest of the conversation went, my friend.

So long story short – if there is anything that annoys – and simultaneously PLEASES me no end, hehe – it is those that are “price shoppers”.

And as for why – well – you be the judge!

Last, but NOT least, this doesn’t apply to those of you who have genuine reasons as to why you cannot invest in a product right now – – or whenever.

Gautam, a customer from India once emailed me a few years ago asking for a discount, as well as for me to work with him on “custom payment terms” (there was some problem with the Paypal account I was using not being able to accept payments in India – – or something to that effect).

And despite the fact it took him a month or so to follow through – – I answered ALL his questions – – and worked with him THROUGHOUT the entire process.

The intention counts, my friend – – and its easy to see who is genuinely interested – – and who isn’t!

And that my friend, is today’s “rant”. Let me know your thoughts – I’m all ears!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Despite the “3 star review” on Gorilla Grip, it remains TILL date – my best selling product – – so much so that I’ve put an entire COMPILATION out on it. And if you’re interested in building the cast iron grip you’ve always wanted (and I bet you ARE!) – – well – – go HERE to do so – – https://0excusesfitness.com/gorilla-grip-the-compilation/

P.S #2 – Gautam’s reviews are mentioned both on our Facebook page (must follow!) – and our testimonials page – right here – go ahead and read it NOW!

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