Have curd – will CRAP!

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This post was written on  a mobile phone and uploaded using a very wonky 4G connection. Enjoy! (and yes, those are PART of the joys of wifi conking out unexpectedly, hehe).

Before you dismiss me (yet again) as being a certifiable lunatic (what else is new huh, hehe) – it might be worth mentioning that what I’m going to say – has merit – immense merit – if you just allow me a few minutes of your time.

NOT to “take a crap” as it were. To SAY what I’m saying … and without further ado, lets jump straight into it.

Constpiation, or being “blocked” – big time – is a problem with most (or the majority of folks out there) again BIG time. And lest you think this problem occurs only to those of you couch potatoes and sedentary “pigs” (as the Chinese say, hehe) – there is far more to this than you might think.

I can give you examples of SUPER FIT people – triatheletes and PRO sports men that have been hospitalized … because they were “too stopped” up. Yes, ‘tis true my friend.
And a few emails ago, (blink and you’ll forget it, hehe) I spoke about a WONDER food that can aid your digestion and literally everything else more than ANY Other food out there – – and while I didn’t mention what it is – well – I believe you know now!
And it would BEHOOVE you to know that curd isn’t the entire story either … it’s PART of the equation.

While done right, this super food CAN cure a host of other digestive issues and indeed get your life back on track in more ways than one, hehe – – there is more to it than just shoveling bucketfuls of the damn thing down your system.

Do it wrong, and it won’t really benefit you – at least NOT in the way you want.

What do I mean?

Well, you 0 Excuses Ship members KNOW, of course – and given the number of people these days afflicted by this syndrome especially with global lokdwons etc, I might just reveal the secret – and then again, I might not.

Watch this space for MORE, my friend ….

And in the meantime, YES, physical exercise done right IS part of the equation – and we ain’t talking sitting on your ass pumping weight either.

Exercise done on your feet is key, for one – and while walking is the obvious choice which most of you know, what else, you ask?

Well, Hindu squats for one – or a special version of the Hindu squat that gets the system “moving” faster than anything else I know.

Believe me, I’ve tried it myself – and the first time I did, I was fortunate the throne was “reclining nearby” if I might say so, hehe.

Deep breathing exercises of the nature found in Corrugated Core (. There is a good reason I mention this to be a very good solution for digestive issues – IBS INCLUDED – on the sales page – and in the book itself.

Walking up hill – ah, but you know that.

Those are three exercises that will GET you going – and quick, my friend.

And for more – well – you’ll have to wait until I reveal the secret – – or jump aboard the ship, hehe.

Do so now!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Yes, constipation can lead to INCREASED WEIGHT GAIN – and MORE INCHES around your TUMMY. IT’s nigh obvious. Where else would it all “hide”, hehe? And if you’re finally convinced of this – go ahead and grab BOTH the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and Corrugated Core – right now – and be preapared to make digestive isues for YOU – a thing for the past!

PS #2 – I can’t figure out how to make the links clickable on the text – so until I DO – here is where you can get both the products above – https://www.0excusesfitness.com/products

P.S #2 – Yes, I know. Typos galore, and so be it!

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