That one thing that only YOU can do
- Everyone has an UNIQUE talent!

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What I’m going to talk about today might just be one of the most important things you read – both in terms of fitness (the “how’s”) – and life – and goals indeed, so LISTEN – UP!

It’s a well known fact that most folks secretly WANT TO BE more than what they are – NOW.

It’s also equally well known that most people lack the (or I should say, choose to lack the!) persistence and gumption required to finally get there.

Most get swayed by “other’s opinions” – – or what the “experts” think – – or what family and well wishes (believe me now and trust me later, this can be one of the BIGGEST and MOST INSIDUOUS energy drains though it might not seem that way to you!) “want you to do”.

And that’s why I wrote a post about do what you want – not what others want or expect you to do.

That post seems to have pissed more than a few people off as well – – but the DOERS liked the post – so much so that I got responses to that email – – so personal though they were in nature, that I have NOT shared them publicity. Maybe I’ll do so someday, if the OP’s permit!

Now back on point … it’s amazing, but when people set goals – either in terms of life – or fitness – when you ask them the question “What do you want?”, most people cANNOT answer it with any degree of sureity – or clarity – including yours truly for a while too.

What do you want in terms of life, my friend?

And no, “more money” won’t cut it.

Amazingly enough, when you ask these people to specify a FIGURE in terms of what they want, they are unable to.

“Your achievement can only be as definite as the number you fix in your mind”

(That’s a Napoleon Hill or Claude Bristol quote that I have in my mind – – I modified it slightly, but you get my drift).

In terms of fitness, how much flabbage do you want to drop?

How many pull-ups do you want? How many workouts a day do you want to do – and still be BUZZING with energy?

Answer these questions definitely my friend, for they DO have the potential to change the way your fitness – and life – is headed.

And in terms of life, LOTS of people – – especially the “jack of all trades” amongst us (yours truly fits the bill perfectly, hehe) STRUGGLE to figure out what exactly they really, really want to do – better than anyone else out there!

Amazingly enough, most people choose from a long laundry list of “options” that other people of course shoot down and tell them they’re not GOOD at.

Am I saying those options are wrong, or to listen to others?



What I am saying here my friend is this – – that usually that ONE THING you’re “made” for – – that you’re really cut out for is something that even your most ardent detractors, either direct or indirect will NEVER (probably not even once in your life) have accused you of “not being able to do”.

And while that might sound nigh amazing, it’s very true my friend.

I’m reminded of another Napoleon Hill quote here from “Outwitting the Devil” (I’m paraphrasing somewhat again, but the gist is the SAME) –
(By the way, that’s a great little book – – and a gem you SHOULD add to your library – – ASAP!)

Hill details jumping from venture to venture in his book, often times venture where he achieves SUCCESS – – and yet not being able to “tie a position down” as it were, be it as an owner – – or employee – – or partner.

Something always happened that caused him to either leave, or resign, or … and start from SCRATCH, and while I ain’t gonna get into details here (that would defeat the point I’m trying to make right NOW) … the point is this … but I’ll quote!

“Learn your lesson once and for all! You have been a stubborn student, trying to find happiness, but you are NOT realizing the fact that your own happiness comes from helping others to find it! Learn this lesson once and for all, and … “

This is paraphrased, and this “revelation” came at a time where Hill was struggling – – with barely a penny (less in fact) to his name despite his numerous past accomplishments.

Sound familiar my friend?? To some of you?

It did to me when I first read it!

And here is the point I’m trying to make – Hill went back to something he had ignored for a while at the time – something that was pretty much his life mission when he first started out – that being to compile the world’s first philosophy of individual achievement (hence “Think and Grow Rich”, another classic, years later).

That was what Hill was good at – and for me, it was always my WRITING, my friend. It was always my writing – -and that is why I have been doing this over the years – – and will continue to do so.

It could inspirational writing in terms of fitness – – or my other ventures – – but for me, that is what I really, really wanted – – and until I fully accepted that fact (and others in my life), I struggled – big time – regardless of everything else.

And that is what you too have to figure out my friend.

What is that ONE thing that you’re good at – – so good that you’re probably better than MOST people out there at it?

It’s there, my friend. It’s there. EVERYONE has that one thing – or perhaps TWO … trick is to find it!

And on that “soul searching” note, I’ll leave you be. Back again later!

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – In terms of fitness, affix in your mind what exactly you want. Big guns? Six pack? Massive thighs? No problem – we got you covered on all bases, but you need to build a solid foundation first, my friend. Much like a skyscraper will come tumbling down without a base … so will those big guns be USELESS without a proper BASE – or back, hehe, to “back it up – pun intended!
Build – start building that – base right here.

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