Taking that FIRST STEP!
- Is nigh CRUCIAL, my friend!

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If you’ve ever wanted to accomplish something – – or have a burning desire to GET someplace – – or do something – – then chances are excellent and second to NONE that (assuming we’re talking about CONSCIOUS desires!) – you have NOT had the amount of FAITH it took to begin – or get past the first hurdle.

This is assuming your conscious is in tune with your subconscious mind though – something that is probably NOT the case with the vast majority of folks out there.

The other day I mentioned the case of my friend who was doing well at a certain biz, and yet inexplicably quit at the very first REAL hurdle, and he’s far from the only one I know!

But he, whether he knows it or not was light years ahead of the vast majority of folk sanyway – because those fine folks, despite all the best intentions they might have – – FAIL TO TAKE THAT FIRST STEP!

Taking that first step requires immense courage, and often times a massive leap of faith.

There have been times in my life I was literally down and out – with nothing to fall back upon. Literally NO-ONE to help me – – with or without strings attached, and the “wolves baying at the door” if you get my drift and no I’m not just talking financially!
In 2018, I went through an immensely trying period in my life in the months of September and October.

That is something most people do NOT know, especially given the fact that my work output didn’t slow (if anything, it increased – there’s a lesson right there, hehe) – – but this was mainly a situation in my personal life – and YES while money was involved, there was MORE to it than just money.

Due to one of those fortunate (some may say “un”) amalgamation of circumstances that I like to refer to, my hand was forced – and I returned to China eventually – despite at the time having NO idea how I’d accomplish the move back, or even when it would happen.
Yet, my hand was forced in a way, and I had NO CHOICE – – and I committed right there and then to move back.

And incredibly, as soon as I did that – – I felt a strange sense of assurance overlap me.
The same “sense” that happened (as I wrote about I believe) back when I had no money (years back) to even keep the business going, let alone put food on the table.

And I cannot recall feeling a greater sense of assurance at the time when most would consider me “down and out for the count”.
On BOTH these occasions, I was required to take the first step – – without knowing if or where it would lead.

A mammoth leap of faith that I did NOT know was warranted – – and yet I KNEW that it WAS!

I do not know if any of you have ever faced such circumstances before, but it is likely that SOME of you have – and know what I am talking about – hopefully!

These circumstances were about as close as I’ve gotten to awakening what Napoleon Hill called the “hidden self” (sorry, the “other self” I believe it was).

Once that “other self” gets activated – well WATCH OUT, my friend – there is literally no POWER on Earth that can stand against it – provided you take the first step!

When I started rahulmookerjee.com YEARS and YEARS ago I had no idea how to market my stuff, and NO idea at all how to build a list – and as for my confidence?

Shot – – and down in the dumps especially in terms of my own thing but incredibly enough, I had FAITH.

I started the website. I put together a book – – a print book which I still have copies of, for a very good reason indeed.

(And copies you too can get if you want – collector’s items if I may, because chances are slim and next to none there will be another “printing” – and slim just left town, hehe – or should I say slim was “quarantined”. Hehe).

And incredibly, my list grew to about 5000 or so members without me really trying. Even more incredibly, I still didn’t have the confidence required to turn it into a full time gig at that point, but that ain’t the point I’m trying to make.

Point I’m trying to make is THIS – when faced with challenges of a nature you consciously CANNOT find a solution to -challenges seemingly SO GREAT that they seem insurmountable – – well – – take the FIRST step, my friend.

For some, that might be getting a website out there.

For others, that might be proceeding according to plan WITHOUT knowing where the funds will come in from. Or, it might mean living for a while on your credit cards without knowing when you’ll be able to pay it back – – or if at all.

Faith, my friend is how mountains are moved – both fitness wise and life wise – and in order to prove you have faith – well – take that first step.

It really IS that simple!

Alright, my friend. I’m out – I’l be back soon!

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I took that first step all those years ago on the HILL in 2004, and look where it led. You too, can take that first step, my friend. Do that first pushup. Hold that bridge – even if it’s for a couple of seconds when you first start. Small hinges swing MASSIVE doors, and fitness is no exception to the rule. Start oiling the FITNESS hinge NOW by getting the 0 Excuses Fitness System – right here – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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