What is the worst that can HAPPEN
- ...the death of FEAR...

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In “Think and Grow Rich”, which I believe I mentioned in an e-mail prior to this, I spoke about Napoleon Hill and the pathbreaking book mentioned above – and the circumstances that led to the book being ultimately written – and REVERED – more than a hundred years after the author’s physical demise.

I know, I know. Phsycial demise, and as I hear y’ll commenting upon this – and “shaking your heads” (ah, he’s up to something spriritual again) with the associated mis-spellings, hehe, hear me out!

I’m currently writing this in a darkened room which may in part explain the typos etc – but it’s often something I do when writing to you!

I talk to the INNER self – someone I mentioned in the last email – BEFORE I talk to you, and wacky as that might sound, that is one of the best things YOU TOO can do for yourself, my friend.

But back to the tale huh.

There was a famous general that Hill mentioned in his books that was once ordered to conquer a seemingly unbeatably enemy – that outnumbered them both in force and numbers – and every other way possible.

There was no way that the troops could even imagine of STARTING to defeat said enemy, so “dire” were the difference between the two.

And what did the General do?

Upon embarking upon the shores of the enemy, he ordered them to BURN the ships – burn ALL modes of exit in other words.

The men had no chance.

They either won, or DIED. And win they did, against all odds – AND THIS IS A TRUE STORY!

Cutting off all paths to retreat is key to eventual real success, my friend, and why do I mention this?

Well, the men on those shores were faced with an awful alterative to success … but YOU, both in terms of fitness – and LIFE – are likely NOT!

No-one is holding a gun to your head to SUCCEED other than YOU, my friend (and I mean that you SHOULD be doing that metamorphically).

IN fact chance are excellent and second to none that if someone did give you the choice above – you’d succeed – and HOW!!

And herein lies a very important point.

Whats the worst that can happen?

THIS one question is what YOU need to ask yourself when you have faith – but self doubts creep in regardless.

Perhaps the new venture won’t work out. So what? You have been there before, and it wasn’t the end of the world, was it?

Maybe the new relationship wont work out – so what?

Maybe doing 100 pushups a day, or even 500 won’t get you the sort of shape you want.

Maybe only hiking hills will. So what? What have you got to LOSE by TRYING – and honestly TRYING either endeavor?

Answer me that, my friend and I bet most of you will be UNABLE to answer right off the bat.

I’ll help you out.

The answer is simple – FEAR.

“Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain”.

Sage words indeed written by Emerson who refers to fear as the “carrion of great sagacity” (amongst other things!) – and he is RIGHT.

Do the thing you fear my friend – and one way to GET THERE is to question yourself -what is the worst that can happen?

SUCCESS if you do it RIGHT and stick to your GUNS – and that should be all the motivation you need in order to start getting fit – – NIGH – – NOW!!

Get after it, my friend!

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Oh, forgot to mention that Eat More – Weigh Less is (for whatever reason) flying off the shelves as of late. Maybe the global lockdowns?? I don’t know – but YOU should reserve your copy right NOW – that much I do know!

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