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Way back in the day, before the days of the dumbphone – – yours truly went to China – – for the first time.

In 2004 as it were, and I went there at the start of the year in my capacity as “I.T. Engineer” for an American company from Florida.

At that point, Dongguan (the city I’m in, and was in) did NOT have a presence on the Internet. It was the Wild West at that point literally – – back when China was TRULY growing by leaps and bounds (whether or not you agree with the “truly growing” part is NOT the point here) – – and there was literally no information available on the Internet about it despite a one page site.

And it’s administrator, a guy named Michael – ex Air Force, as I got to know – and a guy I first asked about chicken wings, I believe it was and where to find ‘em!

Hey, I was coming straight from NY, which had the best pizza and wings this (at the time) tub of lard had ever had, hehe, but I digress!

And while he did NOT know where to find said wings, we struck up a friendship that persists until this day.

A month or so later, we started a community resource – for NO profit.

That being a website for the city of Dongguan, and old timers from the city will still recall it, hehe. Dongguan Expat it was, and quite a lively site at times as well if you get my drift, hehe – – but again that’s NOT the point.

We invested NOTHING into it except what it cost for the web hosting, and despite that (much like my initial fitness site and this one) – it grew RAPIDLY.

We did NOT make any money from this website other than a few cents in ads, whenever they came.

And despite this, the site grew so rapidly that we had  a 100 – – and then 500 users before we knew it.

The site also grew to be the MOST comprehensive resource on the Internet for Dongguan … and NO, NEITHER one of us – – nor the other co-admins whom we added later made anything other than the few cents shared equally after web hosting was paid for.

Down the line, I got laid off from my job.

Through chance (or so I thought, hehe), I met my future employer through that very site … just in the nick of time, and just almost as my one month notice period was about to be UP.

Through chance (again) I met Ann Lee a short while later through that very website, and of course she introduced me to the hill, and … well, you KNOW that story!

Truly a case of getting returns – compound interest in ways where value cannot be measured, my friend!

As Claude Bristol said, bread cast upon the water never ever goes unrewarded.

As the Universe said, I should say! And in my case, it was truly VALUE for what we did for FREE – – something that we did to be helpful and for no ulterior motives.

Despite the amount of time it took to put the site together and maintain it. Despite the admin side of things which often took forever.

Despite having to learn what at the time were new technologies – – and despite (for me) having to literally dig into CODE by hand – – something you don’t see much in these days of WordPress and point and click.

We did it … despite all that!

Years and years later,in the age of the dumbphone, I did much the same thing when I created a Dongguan employment group on wechat, a group I personally still administer.

I created a few others, which are still remembered by the group members – – because of the strict RULES – – and the value they provide!

And over the years, people have attempted to buy it from me – unsuccessfully fo the most part. People have blatantly disobeyed the rules and acted (in an entitled manner) as if they were “entitled” to break the rule – and break they did – and remove they were.

And as I told Linda, a girl that has been pestering me to sell her the group for FAR LESS than it’s worth, rules are what the group worth it.

“Rules are why the group adds value, is a niche group, and rules are why you want to buy the group, Linda!”

I went on to explain much the same thing as I did above.

Hours of effort … put it for a WORTHY cause, that being to help others. I think that is worth something, no, especially when the person buying it has no intentions of continuing the group in the spirit it was set up (indeed, she is a rule breaker herself, hehe, and one of the persons that wanted to be added BACK in).

And she wants it on the cheap, of course.

And you can probably guess my response …!

Why do I mention all this – – well, it’s about value for money, my friend.

My products and indeed my emails are VALUE for money, my friend. In fact I know of NOONE on the Internet that puts out this many comms daily – regularly – for BOTH my businesses, and NO-ONE that provides great value for investment either!

And to those that don’t value that, well, hats off, but no thanks. You might as well just unsubscribe from the list if you have not already, and for those that DO?

Well – – remember this – – the Universe always rewards honest intentions – and effort, my friend. Holds true for fitness and LIFE both – – and if there is one extremely valuable tip I can give you in today’s email, it is this my friend.

And that, my friend is that for now. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Fitness is a habit indeed, and it stuck with me ever since Ann Lee introduced me to the mighty hill. I got in the very best shape of my life, but you do NOT need a hill to do what I did. Learn more right here – –

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