Starving, vs losing weight naturally.
- Which is best and what should YOU do?

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So, I spoke to Candice after a while last night after noticing an update or two on her wechat moments – – something I don’t really get into much to be honest.

Neither do I get into facebook, Twitter, Instagram a lot either … I do post on them, but usually only as much as I have to.

And though I DO occasionally share what I do in these emails there, I don’t really spend much time on social media overall. In fact, if Facebook were to shut down tomorrow, I’d probably not even notice or care, hehe, and that is a fact.

Anyway, I saw Candice after a while, online of course, and the first thing I could tell after looking at her in a black dress was this – despite her complaints of gaining weight while at home – – and my subsequent “pep talk” – – she’s actually lost a bit of weight.

… but, not in an ideal manner.

Her face was slimmer, and so were the legs and derriere, but overall, it didn’t seem that the weight had come off like it should.

You know what I mean, don’t you??

She has this semi-sunken look to her face that comes from starving yourself (to whatever degree) and I instantly noticed.

“Hey Candice! Looking great! (and she was)” … I went.

And then …

“You lost some weight, or maybe it’s just the black dress”, I said. “But I think you lost weight – – especially around the face”

“And probably by starving yourself” I said, with a touch of admonishment that I don’t know if she picked up upon.

She responded in the affirmative with a giggle or two.

“Thanks, Rahul! Yes, I’m  on a diet” ….

Now, I’m not going to rant about diets in this particular email. I’ve spoken a lot about diet before, so much so that the Simple and Effective Diet is offered FREE now along with your purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and I’ve also spoken about how diet is NOT required to get in the best shape of your life – or even in good shape.

You CAN pig out and still make gain, and while you’d be better off not doing so and making even better gains – the fact remains (and she didn’t specifically mention this, but I’m guessing it) – – STARVING oneself is NOT required, my friend.

Lots of folks “eat less” and do little meaningful exercise other than a few yoga stretches during the day (Candice, for one) thinking it will get them in great shape.

Now, something is better than nothing. Sure.

But yoga is NOT the best way to get in shape and (more to the point) lose weight, my friend. A combo of bodyweight exercise (and no, unlike what someone told me, what I teach is NOT yoga) and good CARDIO is what is required, and if you can get them both in one workout, hey, so much the better.

Other hand, if you choose to go it the “diet” route, hey, no problem. If that works for you, so be it – but there are always more and BETTER ways to skin a cat … and that what today’s missive is about!

All for now!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – To learn MORE about what I would have suggested Candice do during the LOCKDOWN, click on over HERE, my friend – –

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