What to do if you “really don’t like to exercise”!
- .. the answer may surprise, even shock you!

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So, I was talking to a lady last night (not Candice – that was another “story”, hehe) that I hadn’t talked to in a while.

This lady responded to my posts on WeChat about “my thoughts on those that contact me out of the blue asking me “are you in China”” with a “What is this???” comment.

I hadn’t spoken to her in a while, and shes a good friend, so I responded to her, but the comment was deleted shortly thereafter as she read the entire thread and figured it out.

And as I got to talking to her, it was interesting .. in many regards, hehe.

Although mainland China has officially “conquered the virus”, there is, in her words “still a lot of uncertainty” around the place, and that does NOT come as a surprise.

I don’t know if you’ve heard it, but the “anti-foreign devil” sentiment, something which has been picking up STEAM in mainland China for ages now (specifically, since 2018 which is when Xi literally “took power for life”) has really gone up a notch or two due to the virus.

Now, I don’t know what the reader knows about mainland china, of course.

It has MANY admirable qualities, and lots of things I love. Free home deliveries for just about anything for one – with a SMILE.

Convenience stores etc stay open night long WITHOUT the ridiculous laws we have in many parts of the world prohibiting wine, beer and alcohol sales beyond a certain point. No “dry days”. No dry counties.

In India, for one, all of this is government controlled – NOT a good thing, and not the way it works in mainland China (well, at least not OVERTLY). India has tons of days out of the year which pop up out of the blue where you CANNOT get alcohol, period, and certain states are entirely “dry”.

And when you CAN get it, its from 12 noon – – 10 PM ONLY … and you CANNOT get it home delivered. More to the point, and to add “insult to injury”, unless you go to a bar or something, you’re stuck standing in line at the “jailhouse” – or so I call it – – and anyone that has seen the motly, diplidiarted “English Wine and beer shops” in mainland China KNOWS what I BE talking about, hehe.

And back in the good ole US of A, we have dry counties where folks drive from one county to the other to get their tipple. We have sales until 2 AM in the morning – or “not on Sunday”, or whatever the local church (in theory, I know, but hey, practically that’s what happens) decides. And so forth.

And the above two examples are NOT the only examples I could give you … the Middle East being another prime example of CONTROL Central, as it were (hey, that’s an idea for a PRODUCT! Hehe).

So there are plenty of good things there (and yes, I like a cold one on occasion, hehe, as you can tell) , but there are plenty of BAD things as well … and one of the bad things is what I mentioned above.

Yet another is the constant NONSENSE the government keeps spouting, that being that the “virus is under control”, or that “foreign devils are responsible for the second wave” (yeah … RIGHT … only 10% of the new cases have been ascribed to foreign devils when you get right down to it!).

And of course, the political mileage they’re looking to get out of the situation, the actions taken against their OWN PEOPLE that called all of this out way before it was a problem … I could go on and on, but the point is this – this lady has been out precisely ONCE in 78 days.

And she’s living in Shenzhen, a city that was never really locked down as it were.

Gazdooks! And this venture out was simply to “pick up groceries she ordered online”.

True, a lot of it has to do with her Dad wanting her to stay safe, but the panic in China hasn ‘t abated any is my point (which is bad, bad news, but that’s what it’s become globally now). Along with a crumbling (and that’s pretty much in the open now) economy, virtually “no friends” in the world, and so forth … the country finds itself in a BIND, big time, and its showing.

A person once asked me why I keep equating China with beer sales etc … well, the number of folks (those in the mainland) I see on social media daily these days seemingly are doing nothing but drinking up – – and while that may be a good or a bad thing depending upon, I believe you can tell a lot about the actual mood of a place by gauging how people REACT to things.

Anyway, she said she gained 3 kgs during the “self imposed lockdown” (of sorts).

And I asked her if she exercised, and recommended the following.

“Alexa, jump some rope or something. Do some bodyweight stuff. Something. Anything!”

Certainly better than playing video games for 10 hours at a stretch – admirable indeed in many ways, and something I’ve never been able to do, but something that puts a strain on your body – I’ll say that!

Anyway, she responded with the following.

“I’m going to the gym, but I hate it! I’m doing it because I have to!”

Now, at this point I could have quizzed this young lady on WHY she did something she HATED.

In fact, I do remember bringing it up at one point.

“You’re far less likely to do it if you hate it”, I noted, but then I stopped. At least she’s doing something, even if it’s “forced”, hehe.

And back to the point – what to do if you HATE exercise so much that virtually anything becomes a pain in the ass?

Well, it ain’t an ideal situation but if you really do NOT want to find out the exercises you like, or a routine you can STICK to  – – well, the next best thing thing is THIS. . .


That’s right.

You heard me.

Exercise the muscle between your ears, my friend – – and if you do it right, believe me, you will be LED to losing weight naturally … even if you HATE exercise, which you won’t after you do what I tell you, hehe.

I’ve spoken about the power of VISUALIZING before, and how it CAN help you get on the track to losing weight – – and QUICK.

And for those that believe what I said, and have done it – – well, the results have COME, and how.

I’ve spoken about what really kick started the final “leg” of my fitness journey in terms of the 60 kg number. And it sure wasn’t anything exercise related. It was an entirely unrelated situation which gave me the IMPETUS to go for it … a burning FIRE within … but that DESIRE was sparked by something else altogether, but the MECHANICS of how I went about it were the same!

I’m NOT a guy that wakes up at 5. You know that. Hehe. And yet, back in those days … in the winter … well, if you’ve been on this list a while, you know the story!

As for Alexa, I believe the way she is exercising her brain is READING – and given the list of books she’s bought, some of which make yours truly GOGGLE, well – she’s certainly on the right track there!

And that’s today’s thoughts. What you can do if you truly do NOT want to exercise, hehe. Give it a twirl, and let me know how that works for you!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is where you can get on the actual ROUTINES that will burn off the fat quicker than you can say “hallejullah” … right there in the privacy of your living room!

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