Why I have a zero tolerance threshold ,and a very strict NO REFUNDS policy
- One bad apple DOES spoil the rest!

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Boy, the day is proceeding in an interesting manner indeed!

As I removed a guy a couple of days ago for breaking rules in my Dongguan employment group – a dude that curiously enough runs his OWN group, and (seems to have) as of late modeled his own group along the lines of how I run mine (kudos) messaged me.

He went on to say that while he knew why he was removed, he a) didn’t know the rules and b) I should have “let him know privately before removing him”.

Here is what he had to say …

“I’m sorry, Rahul. Just helping a friend. Didn’t see the rules. It’s OK – I understand why you kicked me out now.

You should at least let me know in private to remove it so it doesn’t stay on the group, before you kicked me out”.

My response to him –

“Sorry, Alex. Rules are rules. I have a zero tolerance policy. Those that argue about it usually end up breaking the rule again. Haha. This has been made clear many times, so no, nothing personal. That’s how I run my groups, and that’s how it is going to remain. I realize most don’t agree and that’s fine, but that’s how it is.

You probably posted to all your groups at once. Hey, I get it. Times are tough, but rules are rules buddy. If you want, I’ll put you back in, but you gotta promise not to do it again.

As for Linda, she’s full of shit. I confronted her about it before I removed you, and she denied it. Typical dishonest recruiter … “

And over here, I went off on a rant about how most ESL recruiters are worth about as much as a screen door on a bally submarine, and it’s true.

Now, why did I give the dude a second chance?

I have a zero tolerance policy, right?

Well, MOST of the time I do.

If someone breaks a rule for whatever reason and takes the time to contact me in a CIVIL manner due to whatever reason, then I am MORE than happy to listen to the person, although I might NOT agree.

Most don’t though. Most contact me and throw a hissy – – and as one member Alan who I removed, and then added BACK to the group said “Thanks! If you really didn’t want me in there, then throwing a hissy would NOT help the cause”.

Smart dude, I must say!

And as for the recruiter in questions, it’s none other than the by now (in) famous Linda.

You remember her, don’t you?

Trying to buy the group from me at a substandard price, and having the balls to complain that I  didn’t sell it to her.

Trying to break rules – she did it TWICE – and then getting others to do it – and professing INNOCENCE in a typically “Chinese” manner (and NO, NOT all Chinese are like this – – but a sizeable percentage of the population IS, especially when dealing with us foreign devils who they view as PUSHOVERS).

Bottom line – you break the rules – you’re out pally. No second chances, and no whining and moaning, and nothing of the nature – – unless you fall in the “rarest of rare” category that I mentioned above.

Anyway, dude replied back.

“Its OK. I ****** up. You don’t need to add me. My mistake. “

MORE kudos, and I’ll probably add him back anyway, hehe.

And the point of me saying this is THIS IS WHY I have a zero refund / tolerance policy towards BULLSHIT, my friend, and that’s why I very clearly state on my POLICY page.

There are NO REFUNDS when you buy something from me – PERIOD, and for a good reason.

This will probably turn off most serial refunders, lookie lous, and “try before I commit” types, and that’s fine. There’s plenty of other gurus out there that can pander to your whims, but NOT this cat – or wolf, hehe.

As for WHY, well,  I believe the above example explains it all.

And more on the madness sweeping the globe and on POORLY implemented lockdown restrictions is what is on my mind NOW … but I think I’ll save that for another email, hehe.

For now, on to the good stuff – HERE is where you can take a gander at our products – and buy some as well.

Do so now – – they may just be the best companions for all of you stuck at home during these incessant lockdowns!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Read that BEER – – craft beer at that, or a version thereof is literally flowing down the drain due to the government’s blanket ban on alcohol and tobacco, one of the MOST RETARDED decisions anywhere unless you consider the fact that there is a booming black market, and guess where the proceeds from that black market goes. Can we say STRAIGHT into the politicians pockets, hehe. So much for helping the middle class though – other than Trump, globally, the trend seems to be squeeze small businesses and the middle class out of EXISTENCE, period …

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