The mirror technique, and how you can use it to lose weight.
- Just do it, my friend.

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I’ve written about visualizing a fit YOU in the past – multiple posts, in fact.

I’ve written about the POWER of visualization in the past and given you EXAMPLES of how it’s worked wonders for me in all areas of my life, NOT just fitness.

And I’ve given you exactly what to do (or tips on it, at any rate)if you hate exercise so much that you simply cannot bring yourself to MOVE, no matter what. That was the last email, I believe!

And NOW, I’m going to REVISIT an oldie – but goodie – the MIRROR technique, and the incomparable classic “The Magic of Believing”.

The lady who hates exercise loves reading, as I mentioned, and she asked me for a list of authors that I read (recommendations as it were).

“Well, I love fiction, or used to ,at any rate. Voracious appetite for the same, but these days I read mostly motivational and self improvement books. Always something new to LEARN!”

And without pausing I rattled off the names of Claude Bristol and Napoleon Hill, two of my all time favorite authors and then a few others too as they came to mind.

One of those would be Wallace D Wattles and the “Science of Getting Rich”. Whether you wanna get rich or not has NOTHING to do with what is being mentioned in the book, amazing as it may sound!

Anyway, if I have to choose TWO personal favorites, it would be “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, and the “Magic of Believing” (by Bristol) … and Bristol’s “TNT” book being a very close second to the above two.

In the Magic of Believing, Claude Bristol talks about the powers of the subconscious, something we ALL USE in our daily lives whether we know/admit it or NOT.

Your subconscious is what creates your reality, my friend, as I recently told a former boss of mine (who seems to be new at this sort of reading). Your subconscious is what determines the FINAL RESULT, and whether it comes in a straightforward manner (or, as is most common) through “winding brooks” (Emerson, another author I really do recommend!) … is a different manner.

Come it will, and the MIRROR technique, which I’ve detailed before is one of the best ways to get your subconscious INTO play – pronto – with AMAZING results, often instantaneous.

Draw yourself up, look into the mirror – – into your VERY SOUL – – into YOUR EYES, and literally SPEAK to yourself – – your MIND – – telling it what you WANT.

Do so with passion, vigor and conviction … preferably multiple times during the day, and you’ll soon find yourself believing what YOU WANT to be TRUE BEFORE it’s actually manifested in reality, and THAT, my friend, is when things will START to manifest for you!

While the mechanics may be different for certain people, I can tell you this much – nothing great was ever accomplished in mankind without getting the subconscious involved, and this ONE technique has worked WONDERS for people (along with the technique I once gave Tracy, an English student of mine, and then others after her).

And in Bristol’s book he lays out other very useful techniques too, and I’ll get into those later, but for now, fitness wise, what do you really WANT?

Determine that, my friend, and be CLEAR about it. As I’ve said before, when you ask most people what they really want they are either unable to answer or are VAGUE (NO, “more money” don’t count!) … and you MUST put vagueness out of the equation for any of this to work.

Maybe it’s the extra lard hanging off your frame, that unsightly lard that jiggles and bobs as you walk out of the shower, or are “neekid” with your SO, hehe.

Maybe it’s the fact that you’re in shape, but you’ve got a few more pounds hanging on than you need to, perhaps the love handles – or the lower abs.

Whatever it is, look at yourself in the mirror, and TELL YOURSELF that this lard will disappear.

Do it the way I’ve mentioned above. Grab that lard for added emphasis – hell, pinch it until you really feel PAIN … if you must! Whatever it takes for you to really “get the message”, and keep repeating this process multiple times a day for AT LEAST 21 days.

For those of you that don’t like exercise, you’ll notice yourself naturally gravitating to MOVEMENT – or some sort.

For those of you that love to workout, the results will be even quicker.

But whatever the goal, and whatever the RESULTS DESIRED are, they will come – if you just do the thing, as Emerson said, and you’ll have the power!

This here email, by the way, contains one of the most important tips I can ever give you, either in terms of life, success or fitness. Apply if you so choose, and stand back and be amazed at the SEAS OF YOUR LIFE parting before your very eyes!


Rahul Mookerjee

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