“Please leave me alone!” she said. Wah!
- and other HILARIOUS "unsubscribe" requests

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Well, I have to say that I’ve been receiving some hilarious responses as of late w.r.t. my emails.

One of these responses showed up early in the morning in my Inbox, and was from “Donna” (presumable a lady, and presumably a PRIMA DONNA type as well, hehe from the response).

“Please leave me alone!!”

Now, I’ve often said words carry a vibe, and these words carried a strong, strong vibe my friend.

The same vibe you get when a significant other tells you to “leave her alone” because of you know what, hehe and the hilarious part here is this – we don’t know each other other than the fact she signed up for the daily email tips – and apparently got upset at the “leaky toilet” email I sent out the last time.

Ah well. To each his, or her own hehe.

Now don’t me wrong. Although there is an unsubscribe link very clearly provided in EACH email, a lot of people don’t use it – – and sometimes, I’ll get unsubscribe requests.

The usual stuff, along the lines “Please remove me from your mailing list”, or simply “Unsubscribe”.

And hey, that’s perfectly fine. I don’t think twice and do it.

But when you get weirdly worded unsubscribe requests with a strange vibe coming from them, you gotta stop and wonder, hehe.

Like a gentleman the other day, curt as can be (almost if he found out I was hitting on his S.O or something, hehe).

“Take me off your mailing list!”

And so curt was the tone that I kinda wondered what I did wrong – nah, not really. I just had another hearty laugh about it.

And why?

Well, because the responses usually come in response to certain emails I send out – certain emails which people that are regular customers or buyers don’t mind at all (even if they haven’t bought anything as of now – which is fine) – – but emails that those that have signed up for freebies and freebies alone get ticked off … big time!

Always gives me a chuckle, hehe.

I can almost hear them saying … “How dare you charge me for it!”

I mean, really. These folks signed up for the list themselves, and then throw a hissy at emails being sent out. Sometimes you really gotta stop and wonder!

Then we have those, of course (and I’m not necessarily talking about people on my email list here).

They’ll send annoying little one line text messages designed to rile you up in the silliest manner possible, and then when you don’t get riled up and respond to them in a sensible manner, guess what you hear.

That’s right.


That’s an issue I have with the vast majority of folk I talk to these days – – especially if I’m cutting through all the COVID-19 panic B.S. (how dare I, eh, hehe) and ask folks to get REAL (with facts provided).

And of course, when I call the China tom tommers out .. and so forth.

Whats the world come to, I say, when you cannot have a decent conversation about FACTS without the other person either trying to obfuscate the facts or throw a hissy or say “I’m in a bad mood!”.

Anyway good news is this – we here at 0 Excuses Fitness are the SAME as we always were, and I don’t anticipate Rahul Mookerjee changing any time soon hehe.

I was always a “cave dweller” and continue to dwell and work that way.

I’m ALWAYS ready to bend over backwards for serious people/customers/those I feel are actually going to DO the thing I instruct them to – in all regards.

And I’m equally ready to boot people out of the door (figuratively speaking) – or off the list – – for being little more than a whiny pandering nutter – or worse, a bump on a log.

One thing I can promise is this – you’ll always get the REAL deal from me.

The straight SCOOP – – and that, my friend, in today’s world is worth its weight in gold, even if I say so myself!

All for now! For those of you that signed up for the list for fitness tips alone, here is a tip – and a shameless plug – the very best fitness system out there on the planet is one that doesn’t require more than 15 minutes of your time daily – if even that – and it gets results for you right out of your living room!

Try it, and experience the magic for yourself!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Straight talking has always been my forte, so much so that I’ve been pilloried my whole life for it. Have I changed? Does a bear crap in the woods? You get my point, hehe. And in that straight talking vein, remember that for those of you that have kids, and the kids are stuck at home during lockdown – -well, HERE is a course that is required to get them MOVING as they normally should be – – https://0excusesfitness.com/kiddie-fitness/

P.S #2 – And believe me, I know what I’m talking about here. When a normally ultra active 7 year old suddenly stops moving, things “inside” stop working as they should … and that’s me being flat out honest, hehe. I’ll write about that soon, as well as the remedy for it. Stay tuned!

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