Why Rahul Mookerjee does not, and never will do video calls.
- Ugh

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I may make exceptions for rare cases if I’m talking to my daughter etc.

But for the most part I’ve made no secret of the fact that I abhor the dumbphone (except for the financial benefits it sometimes has) – and video calls etc even more. UGH.

Nothing to me is more inane and ENERGY KILLING than holding up a dumbphone in front of your face and blabbing away with allt he right camera angles, showing whats the in the background etc, staring at each other through a screen (so damned unnatural) – and so forth.

Ditto for Skype video calls etc.

Ditto for idiots that ask me to get on the phone when it could be resolved via writing over email.

If you can’t write it FIRST, don’t say it is my motto.

anyway … picture the following inanity.

Before people say it’s not true – it IS. I’ll provide proof and timestamps etc if y’all don’t believe me.

A subscriber signs up for the list.

“Sir, what do I … “

Actually, let me copy and paste. This is just too stupid for me to type (and there is a point yes).

In response to the initial email he got about signing up, he responded with this.

“yes, fitness”!

Then, in response to the auto email he gets about his email address being confirmed and ready to receive my “blasts” –

“may never come!”

Then, this wacko stuff –

“may I please you?”

As if that wasn’t enough, he sent a “solo” email saying the following .

“may I speak”?

Again, all true.

Could have been Bozo Brummie apparently now infesting London from what I hear Schofield with a pen name or something …

Anyway, I responded with a polite note to the nature of …

Oh, I replied only because he asked me this.

what do I do now, sir

I thanked him for signing up, I told him to enjoy the free emails, and I told him to get a few products if he wanted.

In response to that, of course, it “came”.

The usual invitation for a video call on Google or something which I promptly denied, and then I deleted the email.

Yet another wack job from God knows where.

But anyway, point of this being …

(it’s not so much about random Schofield types badgering men and women “out of the blue” with inane nonsense about being their servants or “please you sir” or some other rubbish)

It’s about this – I dont do video calls.

Damn near EVERYONE , especially women on my list have wanted to do it.

I dont do it, period.

The women get pissed, sometimes the men do too. LOL.

So be it.

I just won’t do it. Nothing more DRAB and annoying to me than those goddamned video calls!

And of course, as for the wacko above, enough said.

But enough has NOT been said about the one time I did do not video calls, but VIDEOS taken by the lovely and industrious Cindy, who even edited some of the pictures in 0 Excuses Fitness.

Why did I do that?

Certainly not for purposes of vanity or to be a porn star in China like the lovely wife said in a huff, certainly not to show off the “sexy dark skin” (wtf??) like a Wacko on Pinked-Out said, and certainly not to show off my prowress at the exercises (and I’m damn good, I’ll say that, at thos eexercises and many others and so can YOU BE if you DO THE THING!).

It it primarily because some of the stuff in 0 Excuses Fitness just requires videos to show you the proper form.

I could write tomes on the form for Hindu squats for one, but you’ll have to “see me doing it” to really get the idea.

Same thing for reverse pushups.

Or the best darn exercise ever

SOME exercises just HAVE to be accompanied by video in my opinion.

I didnt put a lot of this in Fast and Furious Fitness, but then again, that book emphasizes the gymnastic bridge (something not really covered in 0 Excuses Fitness) – a few other exercises not in that book – and has info on DIPS too which is not there I believe in 0 Excuses Fitness.

If I had to choose one in terms of BRUTAL “info” (does that make any sense?) I’d choose the Rolls Royce with the videos.

But, if I had to choose Classic?

Collector’s item?

Then it’s Fast and Furious Fitness – the Collector’s Edition – HANDS DOWN – no questions asked!

And we’ve got TWO copies remaining – well, three if I include my copy – so if you want in on this, jump now, my friend.

No, it ain’t a marketing trick – once gone, its gone. The world has “moved” to digital, and thats fine – yours truly “pioneer” saw that coming way back in 2015 or so, and therefore everything on this site was first, and still IS (and even when I sold directly off the other site which I don’t now) offered in digital format.

So, thats the update for now. back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Some of you have been signing up for the site, but you’ve put just the NAME and not the email address. True, the form shouldn’t allow that in the first place ,and I’ve rectified it, but really, and this is bloody obvious – put in an email address too please. Duh!

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