Reviews, and why most people don’t leave ’em!
- Unless they're Bozos, hehe. in which case ...

My friend,

I’ve been blasting my email out on “a few questions” with regard to reviews a LOT over the past few days. And finally, I’m starting to get responses.

Basically it was this – I mean, if YOU love the product, if you’ve told me privately, if you want to buy again (and have) – then why not leave a REVIEW – on either Amazon or Google if you got the product from there – or via the link in the email sent out with your purchase which is the easiest?

I simply can’t get it.

Takes a few minutes of your time, is free and you get REWARDED for it ie. discounts for future purchases, mentions in these emails, and much more…

Not to mention, you help others (the real buyers) trying to buy since we all know the wackos and Bozos (one in Brum is eagerly gwaking at this email now wondering “well, my trolly reviews on Amazon – Rahul overturned those to HIS advantage – now how do I GETTTTTTTTTT HIM!”) with too much time on their hands and noses up asses will do ANYTHING to leave said reviews (jokes of reviews).

And a host of other reasons I’ve mentioned in THIS email.

Anyway, here’s what Kevin from the UK had to say.

I think people just can’t be bothered.

Well, I can’t argue with that one! Hehe.

I’ve been “ranting” about it for ages, this state of inertia people have worked themselves into – folks – SNAp OUT OF IT!


Thats not just motivational babbly gobbledook – it’s TRUE!

No, it’s not “governments are doing this or that”. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE YOUR OWN LIFE if you SO CHOOSE!


It’s there, trust me…

Anyway, here’s what I told Kevin (he’s not a customer as yet, I dont believe) –

(so much for the wackos that claim “he just wants money”. I’m happy to interact with all provided they are sensible and not trolls or idiots! I can’t stand stupidity, yes… more on that later).

So true, Kevin … Haha. But that state of inertia that people have fallen into is just pathetic in my opinion. People are just falling into the very dangerous trap of “live day by day” – and it’s just getting worse globally.

Remember, things only change if we MAKE THEM change!

But, sometimes there are other reasons too. Hehe. Stay tuned – I’ll be sending out an email shortly on that.

And – if YOU buy a product – do leave a review. Remember, I dont want 5 star neccessarily. Most are that, yes – which is great! But what I really want is honest reviews, they help everyone, and since the trolls and Wackos with too much time on their hands leave ’em, the DOERS might as well too!



So there’s that.

But, there are other reasons too…

Check this email from Mauricio – a great translator working for me on a fiction book I wrote …

Hi Mike! Sorry I had not answered the message before; when I “get lost” for a few days it’s because I can’t really check the messages from the <chopped> platform. Notice that I checked the links you sent me but I did not find the exact place (within both websites) where to leave my opinion on the novel. I don’t know if I didn’t pay too much attention or definitely the Amazon store is too much for me, hehe. If you guide me in a more specific way, I will gladly help you.

(Remember, I’m Mike for a few people)

Now, his response to a book he was translating was this –

I thank you for your words and of course, I continue working on the novel, which by the way is very good!

(His Dad ended up in hospital with a case of gangrene, had to have part of his lower leg amputated, long story – but bottom line, he was late on the translation – but bottom line – he TOLD ME – which is what counts to me!

Hey, life happens… I get it. And if you TALK TO ME, you TELL ME, I’ll listen! I always have…)

So I had basically sent him very heartfelt condolences – thats a nasty, nasty thing to happen to anyone my friend. I’m sure you would agree.

And since he loved the book, I asked him the following –

Hi Mauricio

Thanks for getting back to me! I completely agree – if one body part gets so badly infected, sometimes there is no choice but to “cut it off” so that the infection doesn’t spread. Sad that it had to happen that way, but on the bright side, your Dad’s out of danger – so thats the good news!!

Glad too to hear that you like reading about “<chopped>” – enjoy the book while you translate it – look forward to receiving the final translated version!

By the way, and if I might ask, can you do up a short “review” for the book too? i.e. what you liked in the book, just a few lines explaining “why you liked it”? This sort of thing really helps, as readers tend to favor books that have been reviewed by multiple sources — so if possible, do let me know (or post it on the English Amazon page if you want) – but either way, let me know!

Him –

Hi Mike! About the last thing you asked me about the book, I want to understand well what you would like me to do: what would you need is a synopsis where the content of the book is broadly shown? Or do you need my personal opinion on the content of the book where I include why I liked it? I am happy to support you in this regard, but I want to understand well what you need. Greetings.

Me –

Hi Mauricio

Thanks for asking and clarifying what I meant! What I basically need is #2 i.e. as you said, your personal opinion on the book, and why you liked it. Like I said, honest reviews really help other people that want to buy the book “decide”, so … Let me know. Thanks again – much appreciated!!



Him –

Hi Mike! Okay, now I understand what you need, and of course I can help you with that. Now tell me: am I sending you the review by this means? Or do you need to publish it in a virtual store where you distribute the book? And let me know if you need it in English or Spanish, thinking from now on when the Spanish version is published for sale (hoping to meet your expectations regarding the final translation)
Me – I sent him the Amazon links etc. 

Him (after a few days) –

Sorry I had not answered the message before; when I “get lost” for a few days it’s because I can’t really check the messages from the platform. Notice that I checked the links you sent me but I did not find the exact place (within both websites) where to leave my opinion on the novel. I don’t know if I didn’t pay too much attention or definitely the Amazon store is too much for me, hehe. If you guide me in a more specific way, I will gladly help you.


Now, here’s the thing.

To me, leaving a review is as simple as “click a button and just do it!” 

Writing it too.

I mean, Google and Amazon make it VERY EASY. Trust me, if Bozo Schofield can do it, anyone can!

And the link in the email YOU get with YOUR purchase – even easier!

Just sign into the site, leave the review after clicking the link, and thats IT. Nothing else required!

But for a lot of people – it’s difficult! Apparently it falls under the realm of “tech” which I really don’t get. To me its nothing but point and click, tech to me is “coding”.

And I dont know, to me, telling someone “put in your email address here” and then “click submit” is like basic level IT to me, which if even my daughter knows…

But then again, thats the thing!!

Thats what I think.

But thats not what others may feel! Hehe.

I dont know, thats IS one reason I quit I.T support. Hehe. Too aggravating!

But anyway – here was my FIRST response to Mauricio –

Hi Mauricio – T

hanks for getting back to me! All you need to do is write a few sentences on how why and what you LOVED about the book – why you thought it’s great – thats all! Just write it up, and send it to me on here, and thats all thats needed. And – hope the translation is coming along fine – let me know!



I forgot about it, but then I remembered.

He wanted SPECIFICS!

OK …

So i did up two screenshots, and sent it to him.

I also sent him the links.

I’m sure he’ll figure it out from there. With yours truly guiding him every step of the way, sure he will!


But anyway, where is the message for YOU – you might ask me, friend?

Well – it’s this.

IF tech reasons are the reasons you cannot submit the review – let me know! 

And I will – I promise – do my best to help you along those lines without saying “it’s too simple” or “I told you so”. Hehe.



And … anyway.

Pinkies and butts aside, I gotta say, take action NOW friend.


Fast and Furious Fitness – the Collector’s Edition is WAITING – those last two copies.

They must go.


And please, serial refunders, if this is you reading this here email, stay away. There are few things that irritate me more than idiots wanting a “look see” and then quickly refunding.

I get it.

You feel times are tough.

Bla, bla, bla.

I cannot convince those that won’t be.

But there’s never any excuse for serial refunding, either get the damn book or dont, its just that simple.

And again – no inertia please!

Whew, thats like … what 3000 words already?

Be LOOKING for more, hehe.

I cannot help but chuckle.

“stop, stop, stop! no more emails!”



Rahul Mookerjee

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