Why your support NOW is more important than ever before.
- It transcends other things...

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So why do I say this?

It ain’t because I’m entering politics for one. No no!

But it’s simply because…

This morning, I woke up to the following –

Hi Rahul,

LinkedIn has reviewed your request to appeal the restriction placed on your account and will be maintaining our original decision. This means that access to the account will remain restricted.

We require all members to engage in a professional manner and this type of content is not allowed. For more information, please review LinkedIn’s Terms of Service: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/user-agreement and Professional Community Policies: https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/34593.


Member Safety and Recovery Consultant

Now, I could rant about how the Bozo reported me, and how they’re basically doing this (for the second time) NOT because of the Bozo (gotta call a spade a spade, Glyn wasnt involved in this at all other than his silly “reporting” which they could care two figs less about) but because…

Well, this time they pulled out the two posts that got me banned the LAST TIME!

Both to do with entitlement and Nazi feminism. Hmm, surprising coming from Bill Hates owned “Left-In” – ain’t it?


I told them that since they already penalized me for that, and banned me once, then how could they do so again.

Then they pulled out some other crappy post dealing with – let us see…


I could rant at Linked IN about this.

I could tell them that I have over 6000 followers there, and that what they did was wrong etc.

Fact is this, friend.

My CHINA related posts – which really, really hit home for many people are what got me banned.

So I ain’t gonna grovel in front of LinkedIn again. Fuck ’em!

I mean, I did do them the basic courtesy of telling them that “I’d respect their policies” or what not – but they figured that since thats all I’d do and I wouldn’t grovel, they’d keep the account “in a restricted status”.


I’ve got over 10000 followers on Facebook, and I never use it. Wonder if LinkedIn knows this!

Instagram on the other site banned me. I didnt even bother to submit an appeal there!

A picture of a “foot” for whatever reason got me banned there. WTF??? Apparently that was “nudity”.

It wasn’t.

Anyway, fact is, my friend WE – YOU – and I – are being silenced daily.

There are very few platforms out there (yeah, I know, Gettr is one, but still… they dont have that reach!) with any sort of major reach (Amazon is one exception to this rule – guess why Jeff left China! It wasn’t because he didnt “make it there” – it was because, like me, he didnt want to bend to their BS!

If you’ve seen Chinese sites, and their crappy design you’ll know what I mean. Chinese sites – especially shopping sites like TaoBao are like pages with so many ants running across the screen in various colors and tiny Asian fonts you can barely read that you just GIVE UP!

Amazon is the polar opposite – simple – well structured – easy to use!

Just like Google etc.

I don’t blame Jeff for giving up on China in that regard, NOT Changing – like Henry Ford didnt change his 8 cylinder enginer no matter what for ages, like Rahul Mookerjee REFUSES to be cowed or “silenced” no matter what Big Tech tells me – same thing. Some things you dont change, regardless of what the locals “think”.

People “thought” the wireless was a “figment of a looney tune’s imagination” before it was invented, for one, and what about planes?

Trust me, like with Uber etc (see the falling Didi stocks now? Everyone, especially the Tom Tom’s claimed Didi was the next best thing to gold, but it wasn’t!) – China is the one that ultimately lost out in terms of Amazon, not Amazon itself).

Anyway, I cannot stop making positive remarks about Amazon.

Hey, their managers even drink Stella! Hehe.

But anyway, there are very few, if ANY platforms left for US To express our views, friend.

And that isn’t why I need your support.

Well, it may be ONE of the reasons – because to stop the madness, friend, you have to SPEAK OUT!

YOU have to have an audience, a reach, all of those things.

And no, the LinkedIn fools banning me permanently doesn’t mean my reach will go away there.

Those that want will simply sign up here.

And this here site is sitting in good ole Texas, and they ain’t gonna ban it – ever.


Anyway, with the way the world is going, mandatory quarantines, panic passports etc – and pressuring those of us (a dwindling few – YOU are among them though!) – that refuse to bow to government dictum and so forth – the way I train – and the way I TEACH YOU to train – becomes even more important!

And other than freedom of speech, keeping the anti “big government conversation going” (trust me, it’s damned important, or the damn Big Tech companies wouldn’t be banning me left right and center – they know this HITS HOME! People were shitting bricks on LinkedIn for one. Think it’s just the “bigwigs” that hit home? Nah – they’re just the ones that make it to the news! My Buddy Dwayne just got permanently banned from Facebook, for one…) – keeping this workout spirit which I dont see on any other site out there going is uber important.

So, friend, your support is needed.

Get a few products.

REVIEW them!

Honest reviews please…

Place that pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness (if you have not already – many of you have already stepped up – thank you!!) …

And get the last coupla copies of Fast and Furious Fitness – the Collector’s Edition, which trust me, will become very valuable in “time to come” (for reasons unmentioned as of now).

Most of all, SHAKE THE INERTIA is my point.

Something, anything.

Your support is what keeps all this going, and always will.

And, the more the merrier (thanks for that, Chuck! Hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Think about what I’ve said above. It’s damn important, especially in THESE times!

PS #2 – I gotta end this with a blurb on “whats important”.

Here is what Dani said about the price wankers and so forth (which I keep saying, folks have no issues spending like $150 on a night out, but products that will help them “they couldn’t be bothered!”) ….

Money is everything nowadays. You can hear ppl here complaining about it, but still everyone is taking vacations and spending money “that they don’t have” ??‍♀️ I can’t understand. I guess ppl like living with debts or spending their savings.

Those restrictions make no sense?? basically you won’t leave the room hahaha.

Biden well… I don’t get this restrictions he is making. So stupid.

I have a friend that did 14 days quarantine in Mexico in order to enter US… what is the problem with Europe? No idea? bcs things now are not going that bad…


She was referring to the inane restrictions the US has in terms of international travel, or I think Biden will make it mandatory very soon i.e. EVERYONE traveling to the US must be vaccinated.

Not sure if that includes citizens , but I’m sure like they’re doing in Texas and FL, they’ll try and pressure them too.

It’s weird, really, this Biden policy of turning the US into another China in many ways.

To be honest, I think he’s lost it – he never had it.

He’s a doddering old man, probably a great GrandPaw (he calls his family every night, and interrupts meetings for family – hmmmm?) … but he ain’t fit to run the country.

As for Hyena Harris, the less said the better. FAKE!! SELL OUT!!! (apparently the Mexcian president now wants to talk to her about “permanently opening the border”)…

(she’s trying to travel, hence the comments on restrictions)

And, the money part, I was telling her what I tell YOU i.e. people spending money on inanities, then complaining about “no money”. What I’ve often found with people that keep complaining about “no money” is that they really want a “lower price”.

Which is fine, but just tell me! We’ll see what we can figure out …

Really, folks, focus on whats important! A teeny discount here and there won’t really help you with anything, but if you think it will, I’ll be happy to GIVE You one -but you gotta ask!

And your support for THIS here business is more important now than ever before. 

NO, we won’t go under – or anything like it “without immediate cash” or some such nonsense.

Point is YOU though, the freedoms they’re taking away, speaking up and AGAINST it, training in a way that allows you to do so … and allows you to survive and thrive…

OK, off my soapbox. But it’s true!

(oh, the restrictions, more on that?

30 day stay on visa, quarantines for 14 days if you’re not vaccinated, 7 if you are – entry exit every 30 .. .or 60 .. or whatever one has.

Can we say Big Government is doing all it can to EMPTY BANK ACCOUNTS? The PLAN!)

(not to mention completely destroy the travel industry).

OK, really off that soapbox now, but it pisses me off!

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