More positivity from Amazon.
- YES!

I’ve been very public with my admiration for Amazon in general, and how they run things. I wrote THIS yesterday – as if on clockwork, this morning, my Amazon login – one of them – stopped working.

I was wondering what happened – this issue occurred with this login back in … May or June I believe.

Their support was tremendously helpful, we fixed it – but it happened again, so I contacted them.

I got a response from them – NOT a canned response, but an actual human being – on a Sunday, or Sat night depending upon where the person was located.

I went through their alternative means of verification, took me a while given mobile signal is crap where I’m at  – and also due to an annoying problem with my dumbphone that the battery keeps turning off (and I dont buy a new one, hehe, much to the chagrin of my daughter – although 5G is a great motivator, I dont know, I’d rather wait a bit longer – then again, maybe I wont. We’ll see). . . .

I finally got it done.

Wrote back to them.

It was a brain fart on my end, I’ve got so many damn logins now on the authenticator that I used the wrong one I believe, and I told them as much.

Ended up wasting 30 minutes of my time, I semi -grumbled, but happy I was “in”.

And their response?

“Well, at least it wasn’t something more serious!”

And she was right – spot on – that was positive, and I told them that!

True, it wasted 30 minutes of time I’d rather have spent on doing fingertip pushups, squats, and 100 pushups in general … Or drinking tea and doing nothing in general, or “Lord only knows”.

Life happens my friend.

Often times we’re dealt lemons.

Yours truly has been dealt many, many serious lemons over the course of his life, I’ve always managed to come out on top despite seemingly insurmountable odds – and a positive attitude above all despite the crap around me is what make it happen ultimately.

I’ve often, as a customer recently noted (on things I’ve been successful at) “started out at a level far lower than others” (I’m not going to get into why here, some of it is bloody obvious, but I’d rather it be that way than be “privileged” – it tastes FAR sweeter when it comes the other way around). (and no, not because I’ve consciously “wanted to”).

So be it, hey.

People pick up on the vibes whether they know it or not.

“You’re always so positive!” I remember a certain Tracy once saying in 2014, I believe, nothing going on there either, just a statement she made off the cuff.

There ain’t no other way to live life my friend.

You might get temporarily derailed, but you pick up, dust off, get back on the track and get going again as I am now.

(writing this to you once I’m “in”).

And that applies fitness wise.

Had a bad day? Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Wife tripping over something or the other? Kids yowling? Boss going bonkers? Or just in general a crap day?

Unable to progress on pushups – thrown in the towel, then you’re getting back to it now .. .

Could be any number of things, any reason really.

It happens.

Let it happen .

Process it.

Be done with it.

And then get back to it!

Fitness wise, when you start on the 0 Excuses Fitness System, there’ll be times you’ll be sore, cranky, tired, hurting, not wanting to MOVE, let alone exercise…

It’ll happen, hey.

But you get up, get past it, and just do it . . .

And along with the way, if you need a little help – hey. We’re all rooting for you here!

And that, my friend, is the message I’d like to pass along this Sunday “morning”.

Back at it.


Rahul Mookerjee