Make yourself indestructible
- YES.

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There is simply no other way, my friend.

Back in school, we had this strange concept of “back” – which basically meant “backup”.

For the uninitiated, this means that the bullies and tough guys at school were usually the back – while the skinny runts and those that refused to conform despite their lack of physical stature (yours truly)- and those that got WHACKED the most, humiliated the most … well, were the ones that “called the back” (I’m translating from Hindi to English here).

I remember talking to a good friend of mine Rajinder who was SOLID – back then, at least – and could easily have fit in “back” along with a few others I knew (oddly enough, I never called upon them).

And I was complaining about how I got my ass kicked all the time, and he made this sage comment while tightening his stomach muscles.

“Hit me as hard as you can!”

I did.

My fist might as well have bounced off (and note this guy wasn’t necessarily lean either – he was SOLID, like an oak tree) (with a fair bit of fat too yes).

He laughed.

“Make yourself so that no-one can hurt you!” were the words I heard back then in grade 11, and I’ve always remembered it, carried it around with me.

Years later, at the age of 37, I invited my buddy from the Marines whose a mountain of muscle to “give me one in the gut”.

He laughed.

“I’d be wasting my time!”

I laughed back – though I Didnt want to find out! Hehe. I did find out with Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once in the gut and the upper chest – POW!

“Youre a man! You can take a punch!”

So I can.

Bullying, physical violence and the such has not been new to me growing up despite what many think.

Where am I going with this?

Certainly not the state of the school bullies today, most of whom are sad sorry “cuckolded” tubs of lard TODAY – probably not all, but all I’ve met.

How time changes things.

My point here is this – make yourself indestructible.

Charles Mitchell once made this point about the variations of pushups in Pushup Central building what he called “truly indestructible humans”.

And he is right… spot on.

Think about it.

What do pushups build the MOST.

Yes, entire body, but most?

Stamina, core and grip (if you know how to on that last one).

And while strength is definitely on that list, that holds true for pull-ups and other workouts too – but when it comes to the above three together, few things hold a candle to the “best bodyweight exercise ever” – the pushup (squat yes, on the first two, but still!).

In life, you make yourself indestructible.

You have plan A, plan B, plan C and more, and all from the subconscious.

This don’t mean you wont have damage, or collateral damage, but end of the day – YOU win.

It’s that simple.

The current geopolitics between Russia and the West, and I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again – you’d have to be an utter fool to think Russia doesn’t have, and hasn’t had all the aces in hand before taking action.

You’d be an even bigger fool if you ignored the goose and gander here – wars and bigger ones have been started for far less provocations than the Russians were subjected to (and warned folks about in advance).

I realize what I said about the current “war” got a lot of unsubscribes the last time I sent it out, I realize lots of folks will “cancel” me, but I could give a rip less – and no, I am NOT going to stop talking about politics or anything under the sun I so desire.

End of the day, Russia was done wrong here, and thats really the bottom line.

I bring this up not to debate that issue, but to simply state again – make yourself indestructible.

End of the day, thats what really counts.

And physically, it boils down to grip, stamina (which involves legs) and CORE.

There is NO better one exercise than to tax all these, my friend, that being the mighty yet humble pushup, and NO instructor better to kick your ass – and HELP you while doing so – at it – than Rahul Mookerjee and his pathbreaking book Pushup Central, my friend.

And yes, you’d be a fool to ignore this email, click away and do nothing (if you have not already – if you have, then Pushup Central – the TIPS! waits).

And thats that, friend – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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