Why the entire world loves to see two (BIG) men … FIGHT~
- And I mean physcially

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Cut it any which way you like, all ends of the spectrum, liberal, trans, “gay” (whatever the hell that label means – they’re all useless to me), “straight” (another nigh useless label) … there’s no denying what Jean Claude Van Damme the splits expert (I was in that position for like an hour the other day, and man, feeling your … what do they call it? Muscle at the bottom of your ass, or the joint “click and open up” after years upon years, my, its a feeling that has to be FELT to be described!) once said.

“The world likes to see two men fight”.

Which is true.

Any which way, big, small, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, even if it Trump vs Biden debates. Hehe. Emotions are at the very core of who we all are, what we do, how we do it, react etc. They’re what make us human – as opposed to AI – which will never take over unless we LET It, and even then we can counter it.

Take this to another level with Vince McMahon who with him, “Vince likes big guys” – its a fact.

his business does too!

Size, my friend doesnt decide everything.

but it does have a hell of an impact, even to “non fighters” or so called “not interested in this” folks like my Dad – when he saw those wrestlers growing up, or even massively built cricketers – he’d go “Solid”!

Mom was more the “ewww, what an animal” sort.

But what they said didnt reflect what they felt.

Everyone respects physical ability, if backed up by SIZE … well you notice it. Period.

And look no further than WWF – or WWE – whichever, I still remember their old WWF logo haha – to see examples of physically solid giants with super skills (ok, its all a show but remember this – those guys still have SKILLS they execute in the ring – it aint easy!) (and some like the “Undertaker” are actually trained fighters otherwise).

Big show. Undertaker. Kane. Pyscho Sid (remember him??) – Kamala (unfortunate what happened to that big man) – “Vader” – Bam Bam Bigelow – the list goes on and on and on!

The Great Khali from India though, man, 7 plus feet tall, 420 pounds, and LEAN muscle most of it – I’ve never quite seen anyone like him – those above guys are HUGE, yet the Khali took ’em all apart.

The WWE is probably the only place in the world where someone like a “123 Kid” whose 6’1″ in real life, or Jeff Hardy is a “tiny guy”. Hehe.

But the small guys can be legends too – ask HBK Shawn Michaels … 5’10”?

This morning, after delivery of an electric kettle which took way the hell too long it seemed, I was watching a titanic battle between Khali and the Show, and man – Undertaker vs “Mayor” Glenn Jacobs or Kane, hehe – or maybe Khali vs Kane, or back in the day another monster – Big Daddy Cool Diesel (Kevin Nash- would be damn interesting to see him against the Khali!) …

Bret Hart was always my favorite growing up. Still is an icon to me is Bret.

But Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, all these other guys – all great fun, there will never be another Attitude Era – although it’s coming back, but way too slowly.

Anyway ……….

I enjoy watching these “scripted” battles – but why?

Like I said in the video yesterday, man, if you aint telling stories, you’re more boring and bland then a box of rocks …

Those that complain about stories are idiots and non buyers. They’re at the core of who we are, they make life interesting and relatable – and well, STORIES are what sell. The WWE is but one resounding proof of that – take the storylines and the glitz away, you take 90% of the WWE away.

Nothing at all wrong with real wrestling, WWE will be the first to tell ya that …

But this isnt wrestling, as Vince once told a competitor, we’re in the SPORT ENTERTAINMENT business.

And that my friend is part of what we do around here.

We’re not here simply to provide you with bland boring content.

Yes, if you want to take apart a car engine or learn how to do it, or pushups or what not, you crack open the manual – you dont necessarily need a story, but you’ll only get the manual if it inspires you to ..

And there’s the story there if you get it.

So, where do I end with this?

You’ll see most of the big guys even in the WWE plagued by injuries.

And from Big Show to Steve Austin to probably most of ’em – ALL of them regret taking steroids (those that did – Chris Benoit is but one public sad case, there are many more) …

and all of them will tell you the importance of a lean, mean, corrugated core.

Look at ole Steve Austin these days, leaner with every passing day, that mofo has put some SERIOUS work in on his midsection my friend.

Big Show had to lose weight too (health issues).

List goes on and on and on, Khali now to his credit I’ve never once seen him either during his career or afterwards with excess weight around the midsection.

And the one course that will get the fat off quicker than anything else for YOU, my friend, even if you aren’t a WWE behemoth – Corrugated Core. 

This is a MUST HAVE on your fitness bookshelf if you’re TRULY INDEED SERIOUS about getting in the best shape of your life.

Like Herschel Walker famously said, get the core in shape, you can handle anything.


You better believe it, son.

Get this NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

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