The utter and effing IDIOCY of it all

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Man, oh man.

The insanity, sometimes I begin to understand why people pull out a damned gun, I came close to doing that today.

There’s no excuse for the mass massacres etc you see everywhere, but till what point are we prepared NOT to protect the fuckin weak – who a real man should protect – and fuckin take away all of our civil liberties starting with the lovely “central digital currency” the Feds are quietly proposing – and have been for years ?

OK, China has it, ok, there are some good sides to it.

But government monitoring is already omni present in China, thats “their” system, not ours – thats different.

Certainly in the good ole US of A, folks should have a frigging choice, and end of the day, the only way against a tyrannical goverment hell bent on stripping away all your rights indirectly?

Is to pull out a damned shot gun or what not.

When the courts are sold, the law is bought … I realize that sounds extreme, but I’m not proposing conspiracy theories, Qnon or any of that.

I am simply asking you to take a look at what is going on around YOU and get back – I’ve always been a very strong proponent of RESPONSIBLE gun ownership, the stats back me up – and my daughter in India, a so called democracy, as she came home yelling today – I’d normally have said something, either not to be a brat or to be calm or to not misbehave in public, or something…

… but really, these fucking schools around here – their latest lunacy other than the teachers looking and behaving like they’re there for a fuckin fashion parade (this so called best school doesn’t even teach children what they are supposed to, then the parents get to pick up the slack at the 11th hour because it suddenly at 9PM shows up on the test tomorrow???)  … is this.

Make the kids wear LONG sleeved THICK uniforms in the blazing heat of INdia (without any form of A/C).


“To protect against dengue or what not”.


Ill be the first to admit that it aint fun getting it, but bottom line, it’s only kids with weak immunity that usually get it – like yours truly who “injection ridden arms” almost died from it – when he was young.

These days, I dont even wash vegetables half the time before peeling ’em. Hehe. Of course, I cook ’em damn well.

Anyway, that wasn’t no fun, people said I almost died, but the other extreme, what my parents do “keeping the medicine cabinet stocked” – and this lunacy “protect against skeeters” (government rule apparently) – all of this is THINKING indirectly that illness will strike, and lo, it strikes ultimately.

Thats what idiots globally dont get.

They didnt with COVID where more people probably succumbed to the so called excuse of a vaccine – while yours truly walked around … mask? I dont even HAVE one. You wont see a single photo of me anywhere in a mask!

Because I never fuckin wore one, even where it was mandated like government buildings etc, I found every excuse to slip the motherfucker off.

I’m hale, hearty, in the best shape of my life…

Anyway, she made an interesting project on the solar system (my daughter) – I remember Dad helping me with that when I was a kid, then it getting destroyed in a fist fight.

Yes, despite getting my ass whipped regularly I never gave up even back then.

Of course, when I whooped someone’s ass I’d “get it” at home. Fuck. Can’t win for losing Mom … or Dad. I mean, which mother puts a 2 year old in a corner for throwing up in a swimming pool – after being made to swim right after lunch?

I’ll always remember them corners.

I could not fight out of them back then, now, for years and years, I cannot remember when I’ve done better except when my BACK IS AGAINST THE CORNER – no concincidence my buddy and I (Marines) spoke today!

Fists up,  only way you come out is FIGHTING and wIN if you’re a WINNER!

We even practised disarming attackers that way one night at his place. Hehe. Fun times.

He’s the same way.

Anyway. I have often said – I said this before this process of choosing a school started to my “wife” then – that home schooling was the best way to go, Marc the african silverback Gorilla agreed wholeheartedly.

Of course, rational males aren’t always heard.

Wasn’t all bad though, I told the daughter my tale of Kelly telling me “this is real climbing” – pouring sweat all the way to the mountain top, the weather and such, and today she GOT IT.

Ain’t no harm toughening up a bit “kiddo” … or kiddie. Hehe. What have you. And thats that, my friend.

Bottom line – stay fit – BREATHE, like Ramdev in India said, you were giving lungs for a goddamn reason, you dont need no damned oxygen cylinders.

And that will take care of most of your problems, imagined or not, or perceived, or what not.

Adults, go here – The 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

Kids – Kiddie fitness.  (adults, DO it for them!!)


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Whine all you like about what I said about guns etc, but torturing kids like this is right? Probably for the liberal lunatic left it is…

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