The power of daily DISCIPLINE
- Its that HABIT!

Habits are what count ultimately – good, bad, ugly, lukewarm, solid or not.

Back in the day, when I was still “somewhat” on speaking terms with Mom and Dad, they, along with my sister, came to visit me in China (in 2004 I think).

’twas a trip to Beijing (well, Hong Kong first for them where I met ’em), and then good ole Dongguan where I was …and always have been.

Bonny Dongguan, as I like to say. Haha.

Beijing was pretty cool, I still have the “climbed the great wall” souveneir!

anyway, Mom got her answer to the beer delivery she so “worried I was carting crates of beer up myself – hehe” – and the food etc, and a taste of the “wolf” lifestyle.

They joined in too for that night, with packs of “Indian” curry etc (the stuff you get in packs) being made on a stove I rarely, if ever used. I think I had lived there for over 6 months at the point, brand new stove, gas connection and all, and I never used it, preferring indeed Wave Pizza – ah, the memories!

(A year or so Freddie asked me to get him some damn curry when I went home for my yearly vacation, taken earlier than I should have – and Mom gave me those packs which I handed him to in the office – and I didnt even notice the “free” sticker on them – he did, hehe.

Freddie was a trip, I remember carting back bags of doughnuts and cookies and what not (cereals too) for him on my trips back to China from HK (when I traveled for business) – at that point not all of it was available on the mainland.

The memories. I probably should have stayed at that job for a bit longer than I ended up, but man, transport, and that damn factory … but overall, I was being paid very well and had some great perks etc, senior position, but hey – again – all in good stride!)

(and, there was a reason I left)

Even when that came with more cheese than it should. Hehe. As Michael said “well, you ATE the sucker” … (it).

And a certain “Terry” who ran the damn place…

All good times, good memories, will never fade, anyway, they were fixing to leave for home after that dinner, which for me was mostly drinking beer first – which put Dad on the toilet apparently (except I didnt even know it). Hehe.

Anyway, in the taxi to the ferry station which my own trusty cab drivers dropped ’em off, Mom reminded me again.

“I hope you did those dishes last night!”

Nawl, Mom.

I was too damn drunk.

But I did wake up in the morning and do ’em before I headed on to work …

This morning as I see dishes piled up in the sink again – with the lazy ass that “used to be my wife” “could care two figs less about it attracting vermin” (and dirt in general) …these thoughts struck me.

I mean, its not like she even cooks for me – she can’t even clean up right after herself, while I make it a point (not because of what Mom told me – I’ve alway been that way about everything – routine! It’s what makes or breaks) to clean up after whatever I do cook …

Telling a Nazi feminist anything directly is pointless.

The indirect way works best – especially when another WOMAN points it out.

My, the speed at which things get done when another woman casually points something out … or even flirts wth yours truly (and we ain’t even in a relationship).

That other woman doesnt even need to be someone close to her, hell, the old dame (landlady) upstairs makes one comment, and BANG!

I dont know if this is the epitome of the “modern woman” who thinks its kosher to be a complete slob at home, “well made out” going out and such … a lot of these damn women you see parading around on social media and such – man, you wouldn’t want to visit their damn homes Ill tell ya that.

It ain’t just me either, I remember the former friend Charles havin the same gripe.

“She doesnt do SHYT”, he’d complain. “Every time I want a dish, every time I want to cook maybe an omelette or something, dishes are piled up everywhere”.

I still remember him telling me “you’ll have to explain to K what the term “cuck” means”.


Charles wasn’t all bad, still ain’t, helped me out of a tough spot in the past which I’ll never forget, much like I’ll never forget how his girlfriend did the typical “did he cheat us” thang when I got Charles the stuff he requested from India (hey, lady, I INSISTED on sending over all the damn receipts, it was Charles who said there is no need, I asked again to be sure, Charles said there was no need, now you blame us for CHEATING you? Thats bullshit, man!  – not that I would for that piddly amount anyway – women! Ugh) now the idiot he chooses to hang around with Bozo Schofield, now thats another tale altogether as y’all know.

(Chuck to his credit did tell me “thats women for ya” – “we’re good”) (And he told her to stay out of my life in front of me and her, which is more than what most so called real men have the balls to do with their woman…)

A MGTOW guy recently asked me “if with all I know now, learnt etc – would you still be in those relationships you were in earlier i.e. “choose to have gotten into them””?

Haha, good question.

Man, that’s a tough one!

But as with everything, hindsight is 20/20.

Live and learn.

And I wouldn’t give up the learning myself part for anything in the world, so the answer?

Ultimately yes.

In the future, I’ll be goddamned careful – not that I haven’t always been to a point anyway – in terms of even IF I get into any sort of relationship, which is a huge IF.

Hey, women these days – if they aren’t satisfied with Bezos and Gates, fuck, where else would they monkey branch?

Ah wait, they got the money, so its time to bail for “Chad” or “Tyrone”?


This isn’t a MGTOW diatribe, or lesson, but the lessons above are true life lessons … think about ’em logically without emotion, you’ll get it.

This discipline thing though, my friend, is what really works – not the “beautiful sounding” affirmations “I am this, I am that” they tell you to write out, recite 108 times, not feeding the cat bread, not feeding the dog beer, not watching which constellation of stars farted on which, beads, chains, amulets you roll around your palms forever making irritating clickin noises and such …

.. It aint the fear of breaking a mirror “7 years of bad luck” which brings bad things and lucks to ya – it’s bad HABITS ultimately.

Fitness wise, you better MAKE it a damn habit if it aint already, and once it’s ingrained in you, man, like my feeling every damn time when I see dishes piled up, sometimes after a great dinner I feel lazy, I dont want to do ’em, but I DO do ’em anyway – and if I don’t wash my tea mugs etc out right then, I either do it before or later – like clockwork.

If you want results – good results – “on time”, then you gotta be prepared to put in the work, make the investments, way too few people do either of those things.


Let me tell you right now, without daily discipline ie. you do the thing daily regardless, any purchase you make here on this site wont work for you.

Because the habit of DOING, and daily without fail, and somedays a lot, other days you go easy – is what either makes, or breaks.

No exceptions.

And thats the bottom line – back soon.

Here’s the link for the 0 Excuses Fitness System, which has turned sissies and weaklings globally into real men and warriors. There’s more, but thats a great start right there.


Rahul Mookerjee