This baseball player does NAKED pull-ups…
- Man, from writing naked to doing pull=ups in the BUFF!

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It’s no secret I often write a lot of my emails in the BUFF – right out of the shower, when ideas are even more a popping than usual, and combine with Indian clubs – MAN!

Grip work takes an already FERTILE brain and more so body to new levels you never imagined – combine with ABSTINENCE, and man … ahem.

I’m getting too far ahead of myself.

So, this one baseball player apparently back in the day did his pullups regularly, and he did them NAKED.

Johnny Damon being the name (nah, not MAtt Damon – hehe) – and while I first learned about this on a certain “Furecat’s” email list (back in the day in 2003 I think when I joined it briefly – I couldn’t believe it, despite Matt’s stuff being spot on for the most part.

I do disagree with the man on SOME things, but thats bound to happen.

Anyway, he’s a legend.

And that aside – I had to Google and check this shit out – I couldn’t believe it, especially since after reading the email I got the impression he did ’em naked “in public” (though if memory serves right, Matt never said that – hehe – not directly at least!).

Johnny Damon Talks Dancing With The Stars, Doing Naked Pull-Ups, And Playing Football Against Warren Sapp MLBN Intentional Talk: Caught Listening podcast ( – one link amongst many … Hehe.

Now, I aint a baseball fan. I dont even know the teams, I never follow it – I’m a cricket maniac yes, but I cannot remember the last time I watched anything cricket related.

Oh, the other day on the Tee We when the ex turned the damned thing on, she was on for ages about “seeing what works”, and got me to check out a non functional (at that point) TV, I fixed the damn cable box, and being I had already bought a new power cord for it and all that. we turned the damn thing on, and lo, fancy, despite me NEVER watching the damn thing (I dont even know which channels are paid for on that damn thing!) – all the channels I loved came up instantly, including WWE. Hehe.

Anyway … and I promise that wasn’t by design, its interesting how visualization works, I was just …

… anyway, forget that.

So there I was, doing this –

All edited, so no questions about size of member etc please (you’d be surprised at what Bozos ask “Habib Porn Star” or Habib off the Hezey as TEMB called me – or “rainbox pimp” –  which is another one of the names I’ve been called – “Indian porn star” as Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once chuckled – hehe) ….

I really wish I could post the video. Hehe. Unfortunately we better keep it decidely NON adult here, and though nothing swung in “visibility”, there’s plenty of bubble booty there that I had to edit – hehe. I was going to YouTube it, but I doubt even I’m that brave. LOL

I did notice the MUSCLES standing out in stark relief and the “leg biceps” and considered editing them out, but along with the time shown so idiots dont think it’s edited or what not (the actual workout) – I left it in there.

But believe me, I wasn’t doing it to show anything off.

Ex wasn’t there.

Well, she showed up just as I was going to do them with THAT look on her face “she knew something was up”.

So I waited, did a towel pull-up – with the towel around my waist.

Knowing my crazy ass does that a lot, she didnt bat a fucking eye lid…

Or lash …

And off she went.

And then it was naked pull-ups time.

Now, I dont train in the buff always obviously.

But it’s a great thing to do SOMETIMES, just make sure your “bits” dont hang too much. Mine doo. Hehe. Too much I.

Dad once told me “never train like that, you’ll get hernia”.


Not unless you lift mammoth weights – either with your member (there’s people that have made an art out of that, some very well known books on it too) – or otherwise – in poor form … (though I can’t speak for form on the former. I prefer mine where they are. LOL)

Its great, and that brings me to the point here, because when you’re nude, naked, buff, whatever the hell you call it – your IMPERFECTIONS are brutally exposed.

Fat boys standing in front of a mirror preening and posing can no longer pull their pants up or tilt their chinnies at a certain angle. That fat will show even more brutally Hehe.

Man tits, bingo wing, bulging ass or belly, or SAGGY body – or any of the other things folks complain, oh, cellulite and that crap, though it aint fitness related, lower abs especially and FAT covering it – literally, MORE so than my words, which are brutal enough (as my buddy said, its a toss up – NOT a foregone conclusion between if the Trumpinator is more brutally honest or yours truly is – hehe) ………………

…. well, not more than – but you get the drift.

And its great from a perspective of “is this how I want to look”?

“Am I REALLY in the sort of shape I convince myself I am?”

“Couldn’t I get BETTER than this super shape I’m in already??
” – and so forth. Yes, it works both ways.

Not because you want to be a porn star, but in terms of your fitness goals.

You’d be surprised at what things like this can do for your fitness, which ultimately, like all else, starts with the MENTAL first, and ends there too.

The 10 Commandments of Successful Physical Training covers a lot of these, though they’re as applicable to life as they are fitness, or anything really. Fast and Furious Fitness has ’em – remember the ORIGINAL glossy editions STILL around from 2010, those will NOT BE REPRINTED, so if you want an autographed copy like some did a few months back – NOW is the time to get ’em. If you can handle my lengthy page long notes in my “ant like” handwriting – hehe. 0 Excuses Fitness got ’em, and then some , like I keep telling folks, that book is the first one on steroids – literally.

OK, thats enough for now. I dont do these in public, before you ask. Maybe someday.

Maybe that nude beach I once almost went to! 🙂

Aneeeeway, since I’m sitting here NUDE out of the shower, I best dress.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Crazy habits aren’t as crazy – or as “uncommon” as you might think amongst DOERS AND HIGH ACHIEVERS. A certain Steve Jobs was known for washing his feet regularly in the company toilet bowl. Ewww…. enough said?

Then you’ve got idiots and scam artists like Glyn Bozo, man, I HATE MENTIONING him in this same breath, but a guy who took a dump in class – literally – and then drunkenly ranted to Josie about “his butt touching the toilet bowl” or some “crap” – ugh – pun – but real occurence … and apparently “get off on it”.

Glyn was mentioned indirectly in Profit Troll, now he’s very directly mentioned. I await the day I’m asked to show proof for the assertions I’ve made, and I’ll happily do so, for now the Bozo can stick to “stewing” and posting edited pics of me with fake names on idiotic websites with even more asinine (no pun – cough) claims. Hehe. This here email should give that mofo plenty of ammo … (if he’s got the brain to use it right, which he don’t).

But, we doers have our quirks, plenty of ’em. Everyone does. Like I say on the other site, that hidden side most never begin to acknowledge, but should.

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