Flushing dem bills down the toilet
- ... is what I did, hehe.

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Blast from the past again, now in the past few email you guys have read about my hard times – or when times years ago used to be (occasionally) “extremely tough” and it was one of these periods, when I was sitting there with one foot hanging well over the brink of failure (as Napoleon Hill so rightly said, no man succeeds at any level without having been there multiple times) – when I was living, as I mentioned on “extreme credit” that I’m gonna talk about.

The damn bills were piled up, now admittedly most of them were online.

But I’d still get the old paper bill, the receipt showing what I owed someone, etc etc, which would come online too, but they’d send me a paper bill anyway (dont ask why, I’ve no freaking idea myself).

What I’d do with this would be to tear it up instantly.

The LAST thing you want, my friend, when you’re deep in debt, down in the dumps etc – or anytime, really – is stacks of “bills” staring at you.

What you want is to be thinking “OK, no problem, I’ll be paying this off very shortly!”

What I did, and this was more out of convenience (so the then wife wouldn’t bitch about it etc) – would be to flush them down the toilet after tearing ’em up.

Nah, they weren’t top security national level docs like the Trumpinator supposedly put in the commode. Hehe.

It was the easiest way to get rid of the “paper clutter” I did not want, never have wanted, the guy who my Mom used to mock for doing everything “awwwwwwnnnnline” …

I still do, always have been that way.

Can’t figure out for the life of me why people like the damned phone that much, anyway – thinking BACK upon it?

This is a great, great way to think about debt my friend, which no matter which sort of economy you’re in, is never really a good thing – including stuff like mortgages, credit card debts, car payments (a massive waste of money (new car – losing investment right off the bat)) and such.

Sure, you might take it on.

But you dont take it on with a hangdog mentality of “my god, more debt”.

I’ve always accepted it as Providence providing for me when I needed it the most, what I needed the most, it has always come to me at the right time, maybe a bit delayed sometimes. But it’s always come – and it’s my FAITH that has made it ‘come’.

If you dont have faith, in yourself, in a higher power, in the Universe, God, a superior being, whatever it is, Jesus, God, Allah, the Hindu Gods/Goddesses, if you’re Amish, whatever they believe in – et al – then all the effort you put in will lead you nowhere.

I’ve always had faith these bills were there, even when stacked, when the whole world was seemingly against me – for a reason.

To remind me I could pay it off easily.

Which I always thought, felt and knew I could – against all odds.

It may seem funny to think a guy with less than $0 in his checking account at that point could pay off over $30000 of debt – but I always knew I could.

That’s a conservative figure, by the way.

And it’s adjusted for currency changes etc (remember I’ve been outside the States for most of my life) but the point – fact – STANDS – remains.

Verse 13:12, I believe from the Bible states this –

He who hath shall be given more and abundance in plenty – he who does not have will have even what he has taken away from him.

Now, what does this mean?

Many things.

One, like attracts like. Thats why folks always thought I was rich when I never had a penny to my name – because I did, and thats what counts (so I’d be the rich bum on the road – hehe).

And two, more importantly, this was a sermon given by Jesus when he was talking to people that didnt have faith in Christianity (the words are not the exact ones from the Bible, I’m just quoting from memory) (hey, I always knew they called me Jesus at the age of 19 for a reason – hehe) ….

… Point is, faith.

If you have a rich mentality, riches will come – sooner rather than later. If not, then all the riches in the world wont stay with you. Its that simple.

As for debt, the metaphor holds.

Your thoughts should be along the lines of what mine were (if you’re deep in debt right now, which many reading are) – and also to “flush it away”.

When I receive money NOW, the first thing I do is to pay all major bill etc. Might seem like common sense, but you’d be amazed at how many people dont have their priorities set right in that regard – and guess what they ultimately attract.

I dont even regard most “debt” as such since I only take it on (credit card etc) when I really need to, and in that case its Providence providing for me. Its that simple, and I know I’ll pay it off at the soonest, so even today, it never bothers me – though I rarely, if ever use credit cards these days (more on that later).

Anyway – fitness wise, where are the lessons?


If you’re fat, weak, out of shape, have no endurance etc – then a great way to (apparently “Zuck vs Elon” ends with Elon losing because of Zuck’s endurance – wtf??? Is Elon really 300 lbs? lol – wouldn’t surprise me if he was) get your subconscious mind working for you in terms of your goals is this – write what you dont like on a sheet of paper.

Or, what you DON’T want (most can write this down much easier than what they DO want, which most people dont have a clue when asked honestly “more money”, yeah we all know that shit, but what do you REALLY want??) …

Or, even better, if you can, draw it. I prefer writing since the words paint a picture on my mind, they do for everyone, but if you can draw – even better.

Do this daily – then flush it down the damn toilet.

Flushing the negative away my friend, is a great way to look at life, business, and your FITNESS as well.

And that, my friends, is the lesson.

More life tips and lessons and “hacks that really work, and aren’t straight out of the self help bull shit factory” – Zero to Hero! – and Gumption Galore!

And, be sure to grab a copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System while it’s still at the base price it is, because Imma fixing to raise it VERY SOON.

Only Providence knows when.


Rahul Mookerjee

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