“Liger, sala crossbreed”
- Heh

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Bollywood recently came out with a copy of a Tollywood movie (something B does quite well apparently in terms of the shameless apeing) “Liger”.

And the tagline to this movie was “Liger, crossbreed saala” (roughly translated, that damn crossbred SOB) – apparently the movie had Iron Mike in it as well in I believe a guest role or something, but unlike Kickboxer – the Vengenance or whatever that film was in which I actually DID sit through till the final end – cheesy as it might be (no pun haha given the meal I just gorged on) – THIS movie ?

No way.

I ditched it less than halfway through despite calls from the OTT streaming platform I was watching it on to “finish it”.

Just horrible I thought the movie, boring etc, (some movies, really, how the powers that be aren’t ashamed of even putting something like that out let alone putting audiences through it – ugh) but the one thing – the guy’s character in the movie – rough and tough, violent, and great martial arts “movie style” (nothing beats Bloodsport for REAL!) … is as unlike any liger’s that I have heard of.

Including a liger I just saw which might just be a tiger, but it doesnt seem that way …

Ligers from what I’ve read are nothing like the ferocious tigers you read about – although they’re more than 2x as large as the largest tiger with no upper limit on size, their disposition from what I read is as lovable and gentle as your neighborhood dog.

That dont mean they by virtue of their sheer size couldn’t do some damage, but they’ve never even been known to really get agitated.

I’ve always been fascinated by these traits, specifically, their temperament. And how different it is from cats in the wild! These cats are of course bred domestically so wouldn’t really survive in the wild, but stilll …

Anyway – cross breeds may be gentle when it comes to tiger plus lion or other cat breeds, or horse breeds, or what not.

Or Bozo Schofield breeds, ugh (yes, you got it – Glyn’s at it again).

But what ain’t gentle – what is FEROCIOUS and kicks your ASS from here to you know where?
Cross breed WORKOUTS.

Pushups, combined with pull-ups and squats, or a set of max rep squats immediately followed by quarter max rep pushup sets, and max sets on pull-ups.

Or, some of the pull-up workouts that make your arms SIZZLE, quite literally – with pleasure and pain or both – in Pull-ups – from STUD to Super STUD within WEEKS!

If you think you’ve seen advanced pull-up workouts, well, you’re wrong. You haven’t seen ’em until you see what I’ve got for you in that above book!

Point being, there is a reason they call it Crossfit. …. and cross fitters are fit yes, but a lot of their stuff could be improved, and some I downright dont agree with – such as kipping on pull-ups for one.

I’ve gone hoarse saying – DONT DO IT!

Build up the strength first, the technique, just getting more reps for reps sake, not to mention those nigh ridiculous “butterfly pull-ups” – is pointless, ditto for pushups etc.


You’ll turn into a human dynamo by doing my workouts, my friend.

Each one of them is indeed cross bred.

The workouts, you fool, not the humans themselves!

Hehe – I love you, Sophia, no matter what – them dialogs are CLASSIC. ????

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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